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FROM alpine:3.3
# Install system utils & Gogs runtime dependencies
ADD /usr/sbin/gosu
RUN chmod +x /usr/sbin/gosu \
&& apk --no-cache --no-progress add ca-certificates bash git linux-pam s6 curl openssh socat
ENV GOGS_CUSTOM /data/gogs
COPY . /app/gogs/
WORKDIR /app/gogs/
RUN ./docker/
8 years ago
# Configure LibC Name Service
COPY docker/nsswitch.conf /etc/nsswitch.conf
# Configure Docker Container
VOLUME ["/data"]
8 years ago
EXPOSE 22 3000
ENTRYPOINT ["docker/"]
CMD ["/bin/s6-svscan", "/app/gogs/docker/s6/"]