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Full documentation of application settings can be found [here](
### Crond
Please set environment variable `RUN_CROND` to be `true` or `1` in order to start `crond` inside the container.
### Container options
This container have some options available via environment variables, these options are opt-in features that can help the administration of this container:
- <u>Possible value:</u>
`true`, `false`, `1`, `0`
- <u>Default:</u>
- <u>Action:</u>
Bind linked docker container to localhost socket using socat.
Any exported port from a linked container will be binded to the matching port on localhost.
- <u>Disclaimer:</u>
As this option rely on the environment variable created by docker when a container is linked, this option should be deactivated in managed environment such as Rancher or Kubernetes (set to `0` or `false`)
- **RUN_CROND**:
- <u>Possible value:</u>
`true`, `false`, `1`, `0`
- <u>Default:</u>
- <u>Action:</u>
Request crond to be run inside the container. Its default configuration will periodically run all scripts from `/etc/periodic/${period}` but custom crontabs can be added to `/var/spool/cron/crontabs/`.
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