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@ -76,6 +76,19 @@ who makes the change even if an owners or a maintainer. We use github's
pull request workflow to do that and use [lgtm]( to ensure
every PR is reviewed by at least 2 maintainers.
Please try to make your pull request easy to review for us. Please read the
["How to get faster PR reviews"](,
guide, it got useful tips for any project you may want to contribute. See some
of the points:
- Make small pull requests. The smaller, the faster to review and the more
likely it will be merged soon.
- Don't make changes unrelated to your PR. Maybe there are typos on some
comments, maybe refactoring would welcome on a function... but if that is not
related to you PR, please make *another* PR for that.
- Split big pull requests in multiple. An incremental change will be faster to
review than a huge PR.
## Sign your work
The sign-off is a simple line at the end of the explanation for the