ISSUE_TEMPLATE: suggestion to test at

I've noticed that a lot of issues cannot be reproduced on,
which either hints about specific database type problems or
hints about bugs which are already solved in the newer version
(as is usually a newer build).

This patch adds the suggestion to test the issue at in
the Github "issue template". The user can answer: "Yes", "No", "Not relevant".

"Not relevant" is an option where testing on makes no sense as
the bug is unrelated to the Web UI or is very specific in nature.
Lubomir I. Ivanov 8 years ago committed by Gogs
parent 97429a25ab
commit 94f9ff1ac9

@ -11,6 +11,10 @@ For bug reports, please give the relevant info:
- [ ] PostgreSQL
- [ ] MySQL
- [ ] SQLite
- Can you reproduce the bug at
- [ ] Yes
- [ ] No
- [ ] Not relevant
- Log gist:
## Description