Improve clarity between is_activated and prohibit_login (#1788)

It used to be unclear what the difference between the two are.
Patrick G 7 years ago committed by Lunny Xiao
parent 3b51da9dae
commit 97f7f88bed

@ -1134,8 +1134,8 @@ users.update_profile_success = Account profile has been updated.
users.edit_account = Edit Account
users.max_repo_creation = Maximum Repository Creation Limit
users.max_repo_creation_desc = (Set -1 to use global default limit)
users.is_activated = This account is activated
users.prohibit_login = This account is prohibited to login
users.is_activated = This account has completed activation
users.prohibit_login = This account is blocked from logging in
users.is_admin = This account has administrator permissions
users.allow_git_hook = This account has permission to create Git hooks
users.allow_import_local = This account has permissions to import local repositories