Don't manually replace whitespace during render (#10291)

* Don't manually replace whitespace during render

For historical reasons Gitea manually alters the urlPrefix and replaces
a whitespace with a +. This Works for URLs, but we're also passing
urlPrefix to git calls and adding the + is breaking the tree path.

Goldmark will automatically convert a white space to the proper %20, so
we should leave the string as is which lets us pass it to git unmodified
and then let Goldmark fix it.

Also fixed separate bug in URLJoin I noticed while testing where it will
silently discard sections of a path that have # in them (possibly
others). We should just escape it first.

Fixes 10156

* Escape elems as well

* Revert "Escape elems as well"

This reverts commit 8bf49596fee6fac4d9da256cd1e90a0ec0183671.

* restart ci

* remove changes to URLJoin

* restart ci

Co-authored-by: techknowlogick <>
mrsdizzie 4 years ago committed by GitHub
parent 7af6f8b465
commit b5f28d154d
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@ -52,7 +52,6 @@ func (g *GiteaASTTransformer) Transform(node *ast.Document, reader text.Reader,
lnk := string(link)
lnk = giteautil.URLJoin(prefix, lnk)
lnk = strings.Replace(lnk, " ", "+", -1)
link = []byte(lnk)
v.Destination = link

@ -81,7 +81,6 @@ func RenderWiki(filename string, rawBytes []byte, urlPrefix string, metas map[st
func render(parser Parser, rawBytes []byte, urlPrefix string, metas map[string]string, isWiki bool) []byte {
urlPrefix = strings.Replace(urlPrefix, " ", "+", -1)
result := parser.Render(rawBytes, urlPrefix, metas, isWiki)
// TODO: one day the error should be returned.
result, err := PostProcess(result, urlPrefix, metas, isWiki)