Makefile changes for Windows and easier development (#6103)

* Added Go Path and node_modules to PATH
* Uses npx now for generate-stylesheets
* Uses `go env GOPATH` to calculate adding GOPATH/bin to PATH
* Added note about installing Node 8.0+ to generate stylesheets
* Added preferred Node version to
John Olheiser 5 years ago committed by zeripath
parent eea1155afe
commit eaf9ded182

@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ included in the next released version.
Generally, the go build tools are installed as-needed in the `Makefile`.
An exception are the tools to build the CSS and images.
- To build CSS: Install [Node.js](
- To build CSS: Install [Node.js]( at version 8.0 or above
with `npm` and then run `npm install` and `make generate-stylesheets`.
- To build Images: ImageMagick, inkscape and zopflipng binaries must be
available in your `PATH` to run `make generate-images`.

@ -4,6 +4,8 @@ IMPORT :=
GO ?= go
SED_INPLACE := sed -i
export PATH := $($(GO) env GOPATH)/bin:$(PATH)
ifeq ($(OS), Windows_NT)
EXECUTABLE := gitea.exe
@ -365,10 +367,14 @@ stylesheets-check: generate-stylesheets
.PHONY: generate-stylesheets
@hash npx > /dev/null 2>&1; if [ $$? -ne 0 ]; then \
echo "Please install npm version 5.2+"; \
exit 1; \
$(eval BROWSERS := "> 2%, last 2 firefox versions, last 2 safari versions")
node_modules/.bin/lessc --clean-css public/less/index.less public/css/index.css
$(foreach file, $(filter-out public/less/themes/_base.less, $(wildcard public/less/themes/*)),node_modules/.bin/lessc --clean-css public/less/themes/$(notdir $(file)) > public/css/theme-$(notdir $(call strip-suffix,$(file))).css;)
$(foreach file, $(wildcard public/css/*),node_modules/.bin/postcss --use autoprefixer --autoprefixer.browsers $(BROWSERS) -o $(file) $(file);)
npx lessc --clean-css public/less/index.less public/css/index.css
$(foreach file, $(filter-out public/less/themes/_base.less, $(wildcard public/less/themes/*)),npx lessc --clean-css public/less/themes/$(notdir $(file)) > public/css/theme-$(notdir $(call strip-suffix,$(file))).css;)
$(foreach file, $(wildcard public/css/*),npx postcss --use autoprefixer --autoprefixer.browsers $(BROWSERS) -o $(file) $(file);)
.PHONY: swagger-ui

@ -138,6 +138,8 @@ make vet lint misspell-check
### Updating the stylesheets
To generate the stylsheets, you will need [Node.js]( at version 8.0 or above.
At present we use [less]( and [postcss]( to generate our stylesheets. Do
**not** edit the files in `public/css/` directly as they are generated from
`lessc` from the files in `public/less/`.