Add an important note about mapping the ssh port on the container to the host

James Mills 7 years ago
parent 7ef9a05588
commit f36c82c3b3

@ -20,6 +20,8 @@ $ docker run --name=gogs -p 10022:22 -p 10080:3000 -v /var/gogs:/data gogs/gogs
$ docker start gogs
Note: It is important to map the Gogs ssh service from the container to the host and set the appropriate SSH Port and URI settings when setting up Gogs for the first time. To access and clone Gogs Git repositories with the above configuration you would use: `git clone ssh://git@hostname:10022/username/myrepo.git` for example.
Files will be store in local path `/var/gogs` in my case.
Directory `/var/gogs` keeps Git repositories and Gogs data: