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6543 0b3aaa6196 [API] Add "before" query to ListIssueComments and ListRepoIssue… (#9685)
4 years ago
Lunny Xiao 2382f1b057
fix 500 when reviewer is deleted with integration tests (#6856)
5 years ago
Jonas Franz 94cd7bb25b Hide outdated comments in file view (#5017)
5 years ago
Lauris BH 6e64f9db8e Pull request review/approval and comment on code (#3748)
6 years ago
Jonas Franz 5ccecb44ad Feature: Timetracking (#2211)
7 years ago
Sandro Santilli 447c9b428f Send notifications to partecipants in issue comments (#1217)
7 years ago
Ethan Koenig 10644d6dd7 Bug fixes and unit tests for models/issue_label (#802)
7 years ago