145 Commits (mj-v1.14.3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Bo-Yi Wu 167b0f46ef
chore(models): rewrite code format. (#14754) 1 year ago
zeripath f0e15250b9
Migrate to use jsoniter instead of encoding/json (#14841) 1 year ago
Norwin d38ae597e1
Add UI to delete tracked times (#14100) 1 year ago
a1012112796 ac701637b4
Add dismiss review feature (#12674) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao c0c59a4c99
Improve the comment on comment type (#14609) 2 years ago
6543 a0e424da85
Enhance Ghost comment mitigation Settings (#14392) 2 years ago
Jimmy Praet bcb7f35221
Do not reload page after adding comments in Pull Request reviews (#13877) 2 years ago
6543 a19447aed1
migrate from com.* to alternatives (#14103) 2 years ago
zeripath b091c994b5
Comments on review should have the same sha (#13448) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 35cc82abbf
Revert "Replies to outdated code comments should also be outdated (#13217)" (#13439) 2 years ago
zeripath 3cab3bee57
Replies to outdated code comments should also be outdated (#13217) 2 years ago
Cirno the Strongest 06268dcf53
Fix reactions on code comments (#13390) 2 years ago
Pedro Alves c40df54e28
Group Label Changed Comments in timeline (#13304) 2 years ago
6543 d453533beb
[Refactor] Move APIFormat functions into convert package (#12856) 2 years ago
赵智超 8be3e439c2
Add team support for review request (#12039) 2 years ago
Lanre Adelowo 4027c5dd7c
Kanban board (#8346) 2 years ago
赵智超 ae20de7771
fix bug about can't skip commits base on base branch (#11555) 2 years ago
zeripath 654a970644
Fix commenting on non-utf8 encoded files (#11916) 2 years ago
zeripath 48648d1d86
Invalidate comments when file is shortened (#11882) 2 years ago
Cirno the Strongest 31df012968
Properly handle and return empty string for dangling commits in GetBranchName (#11587) 2 years ago
赵智超 0903b1ac8c
Add push commits history comment on PR time-line (#11167) 2 years ago
赵智超 1b86f174ce
Add a way to mark Conversation (code comment) resolved (#11037) 2 years ago
赵智超 281029529b
ui: Add MergePull comment type instead of close for merge PR (#11058) 2 years ago
赵智超 ef89e75d0e
add request review from specific reviewers feature in pull request (#10756) 2 years ago
6543 e57ac841de
Fix potential bugs (#10513) 2 years ago
SpaWn2KiLl 1f01f53c53 API add/generalize pagination (#9452) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 2b3e931cde Migrate reactions when migrating repository from github (#9599) 3 years ago
6543 44de66bf50 [API] add endpoint to check notifications [Extend #9488] (#9595) 3 years ago
6543 0b3aaa6196 [API] Add "before" query to ListIssueComments and ListRepoIssue… (#9685) 3 years ago
6543 6baa5d7588 [API] Add notification endpoint (#9488) 3 years ago
6543 f2d03cda96 [API] Extend times API (#9200) 3 years ago
Mario Lubenka 61db834904 Change target branch for pull request (#6488) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 43ada65571
remove unused method and rename createcommentWithNoAction (#9367) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 67b316a954 Refactor comment (#9330) 3 years ago
Antoine GIRARD c3d31e5534 refactor(models/attachement): use getAttachmentsByUUIDs (#9317) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 6e81eafdd6 Remove unused comment actions (#9222) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 2011a5b818 Extract createComment (#9125) 3 years ago
guillep2k 2c2b9718e6 Avoid re-issuing redundant cross-references. (#8734) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao e0e4473172 extract some inline functions related with create comment (#8931) 3 years ago
guillep2k 9930d47be2 Add review comments to mail notifications (#8996) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao dad67cae54
Refactor pull request review (#8954) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 12170d26a7 Split sendCreateCommentAction as two parts, one for update comment related informations, another for actions (#8784) 3 years ago
succcubbus a2bd8fe8dc mark review comment as invalidated when file is deleted (#8751) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao d151503d34 Upgrade xorm to v0.8.0 (#8536) 3 years ago
Wenxuan Zhao cf42cb0ae6 Allow externalID to be UUID (#8551) 3 years ago
blueworrybear 8c909820a9 Enable Uploading/Removing Attachments When Editing an Issue/Comment (#8426) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao e3e44a59d0 Update migrated repositories' issues/comments/prs poster id if user has a github external user saved (#7751) 3 years ago
guillep2k 15809d81f7 Rewrite reference processing code in preparation for opening/closing from comment references (#8261) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 061388379a Move create issue comment to comments package (#8212) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 5a438ee3c0
Move all mail related codes from models to services/mailer (#7200) 3 years ago