15 Commits (mj-v1.14.3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
zeripath 52ca7b9b65
Fix setting version table in dump (#15753) (#15759) 1 year ago
6543 cfd8e8a489
gitea dump: include version & Check InstallLock (#12760) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao f83db078f0 Move database settings from models to setting (#7806) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 91dcccf72d fix dump table name error and add some test for dump database (#6394) 3 years ago
techknowlogick d84da8fe65 Change parsing of postgresql settings (#4275) 4 years ago
Kim "BKC" Carlbäcker d349f059af Cleaner IMO (#1361) 5 years ago
Bo-Yi Wu 1ec6b1a258 fix: gofmt error. (#918) 6 years ago
Ethan Koenig d2329e1c26 Use assert in legacy unit tests (#867) 6 years ago
Unknwon 5be881756b #3442 add test suites 6 years ago
Unknown 830494a8aa Remove old files 8 years ago
zhsso a4cbe79567 fix 8 years ago
zhsso f3ed11d177 mistakes 8 years ago
Unknown 3144fac03c IP: RC Code Review 8 years ago
Unknown f6596f11c4 All configuration reload-able 9 years ago
Unknown 8ef198dfac Formatting 9 years ago
Lunny Xiao 237193ef2a add user models 9 years ago
Lunny Xiao a30e5bcaf8 add createrepository & deleterepository 9 years ago