21 Commits (mj-v1.14.3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
6543 f4ffe8ed54
Save TimeStamps for Star, Label, Follow, Watch and Collaboration to Database (#13124) 2 years ago
6543 71979d9663
Automatically remove Watches, Assignments, etc if user loses access due to being removed as collaborator or from a team (#10997) 3 years ago
zeripath 90919bb37e
Show Signer in commit lists and add basic trust (#10425) 3 years ago
SpaWn2KiLl 1f01f53c53 API add/generalize pagination (#9452) 3 years ago
David Svantesson 69a255defb Team permission to create repository in organization (#8312) 3 years ago
David Svantesson 8ad2697611 Recalculate repository access only for specific user (#8481) 3 years ago
David Svantesson a0e88dfc2e Add teams to repo on collaboration page. (#8045) 3 years ago
kolaente f9ec2f89f2 Add golangci (#6418) 4 years ago
David Schneiderbauer a93f13849c Fix not removed watches on unallowed repositories (#4201) 5 years ago
Lunny Xiao dd55534b82 Reduce usage of allcols on update (#2596) 5 years ago
Lauris BH 6db387a21e Refactor session close as xorm already does everything needed internally (#2020) 6 years ago
Ethan Koenig 2342df183b API Endpoints for collaborators (#375) 6 years ago
Thomas Boerger 6dd2c3b2db
Fixed linting errors for variable definitions 6 years ago
Bwko a5aae1c145 Lint models/repo_* 6 years ago
Thibault Meyer a4454f5d0f
Rewrite XORM queries 6 years ago
Sandro Santilli f388661bda ACCESS_MODE_* -> AccessMode* 6 years ago
Unknwon 7e9b42c87d #2780 code clean up 7 years ago
Unknwon 1f2e173a74 Refactor User.Id to User.ID 7 years ago
Andrey Nering 6efb1e5626 Localize collaboration settings. (#3100) 7 years ago
Unknwon ad513a20e9 #2302 Replace time.Time with Unix Timestamp (int64) 7 years ago
Unknwon 045f14fbd0 #1146 finsih UI work for access mode of collaborators 7 years ago