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6543 a725d31496
Delete references if repository gets deleted (#15681) (#15684)
3 years ago
KN4CK3R 54263ff123
Delete protected branch if repository gets removed (#15658) (#15676)
3 years ago
6543 a3a65137ba
Delete Labels & IssueLabels on Repo Delete too (#15039)
3 years ago
zeripath dace0ce1b1
Prevent addition of labels from outside the repository or organisation in issues (#14912)
3 years ago
zeripath 070c57867d
Fix postgres ID sequences broken by recreate-table (#15015)
3 years ago
zeripath f82b1dd7c3
Prevent adding nil label to .AddedLabels or .RemovedLabels (#14623)
3 years ago
zeripath 4569339a4b
Refactor doctor (#12264)
3 years ago