9 Commits (mj-v1.14.3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
zeripath f0e15250b9
Migrate to use jsoniter instead of encoding/json (#14841) 2 years ago
zeripath 356854fc5f Move serv hook functionality & drop GitLogger (#6993) 3 years ago
zeripath 663874e8be Use url.PathEscape to escape the branchname (#6304) 4 years ago
Joona Hoikkala 3b364029f7 Fix TLS errors when using acme/autocert for local connections (#5820) 4 years ago
Lunny Xiao eabbddcd98
Restrict permission check on repositories and fix some problems (#5314) 4 years ago
Antoine GIRARD 617a2433a3 Make gitea serv use api/internal (#4886) 4 years ago
Lauris BH fa8d40faca Fix internal requests when gitea listens to unix socket or only external IP (#2234) 5 years ago
Lunny Xiao 1773e88643 Drop db operations from hook commands (#1514) 5 years ago
Lunny Xiao 2eeae84cbd Add internal routes for ssh hook comands (#1471) 6 years ago