23 Commits (mj-v1.14.3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
KN4CK3R 5da024a019
Add ETag header (#15370) (#15552) 1 year ago
a1012112796 92b2883058
add 'fonts' into 'KnownPublicEntries' (#15188) (#15218) 1 year ago
Lunny Xiao 0cd87d64ff
Update docs and comments to remove macaron (#14491) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao d44f192d3e
When visit /favicon.ico but the static file is not exist return 404 but not continue to handle the route (#14211) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 19ae6439b0
Improve vfsgen to not unzip bindata files but send to browser directly (#7109) 2 years ago
silverwind 0615b668dc
HTTP cache rework and enable caching for storage assets (#13569) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao c296f4fed6
Introduce go chi web framework as frontend of macaron, so that we can move routes from macaron to chi step by step (#7420) 2 years ago
6543 d7456106bf
fix go1.15 lint error in modules/public/public.go (#12707) 2 years ago
techknowlogick bd7d6a3d73
go1.15 (#12475) 2 years ago
silverwind 7761245d08
Move fomantic and jQuery to main webpack bundle (#11997) 2 years ago
silverwind e24ee48776
Add serviceworker.js to KnownPublicEntries (#11992) 2 years ago
silverwind 5180deb819
Send 404 immediately for known public requests (#11117) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 4f63f283c4
Rename scripts to build and add revive command as a new build tool command (#10942) 2 years ago
guillep2k bcb52aef09
Implement "embedded" command to extract static resources (#9982) 3 years ago
zeripath 48abe41ea8
Generate Bindata iff TAGS="bindata" and not up-to-date (#10004) 3 years ago
Tamal Saha 171b359877 Use gitea forked macaron (#7933) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao e503794371 remove unnecessary fmt on generate bindata (#7706) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 83b90e4199 Use vfsgen instead of go-bindata (#7080) 3 years ago
zeripath dd13327382 When redirecting clean the path to avoid redirecting to //www.othersite.com (#5669) 4 years ago
Morgan Bazalgette 17655cdf1b Enable caching on assets and avatars (#3376) 5 years ago
Thomas Boerger 78535fb08e Allow custom public files (#782) 6 years ago
Thomas Boerger 83ed234472 Integrate templates into bindata optionally (#314) 6 years ago
Thomas Boerger b6a95a8cb3 Integrate public as bindata optionally (#293) 6 years ago