2844 Commits (mj-v1.14.3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
6543 4acb499f30
just overload to not get it by mistake again ... (#14440) 2 years ago
6543 a0e424da85
Enhance Ghost comment mitigation Settings (#14392) 2 years ago
6543 81c833d92d
Add support to migrate from gogs (#14342) 2 years ago
Norwin b5570d3e68
Display current stopwatch in navbar (#14122) 2 years ago
Artemis Tosini cb08248c33
Add support for ed25519_sk and ecdsa_sk SSH keys (#13462) 2 years ago
zeripath 172229966c
Prevent panic on fuzzer provided string (#14405) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 135b0e502d
Fix log http status is always zero (#14400) 2 years ago
Chester Liu 0c0445c97a
Add pager to the branches page (#14202) 2 years ago
6543 2686e6bbbe
Check if label template exist first (#14384) 2 years ago
Lauris BH f5abe2f563
Upgrade blevesearch dependency to v2.0.1 (#14346) 2 years ago
6543 21da519c0c
Implement ghost comment mitigation (#14349) 2 years ago
Lauris BH 0a3c3357f3
Sort issue search results by revelance (#14353) 2 years ago
Kyle D bfd0c47ef6
Kd/fix allow svg doctype (#14344) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 84b147c7f0
Use IsProd instead of testing if it's equal. (#14336) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao f76c30094f
Fix typo (#14332) 2 years ago
Jonathan Tran 81467e6f35
Display SVG files as images instead of text (#14101) 2 years ago
6543 6b3b6f1833
Add option to change username to the admin panel (#14229) 2 years ago
Jimmy Praet bcb7f35221
Do not reload page after adding comments in Pull Request reviews (#13877) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 3c96a37162
Some code improvements (#14266) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao a1c9e8f266
Fix windows build error (#14263) 2 years ago
6543 325add71cf
Add option for administrator to reset user 2FA (#14243) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 15a475b7db
Fix recovery middleware to render gitea style page. (#13857) 2 years ago
Nuno Silva 44ff1d6a1e
Render links for commit hashes followed by comma (#14224) 2 years ago
Paul Barton 7576e37a65
Add MirrorInterval to the API (#14163) 2 years ago
Jimmy Praet e6acce649b
Send notifications for mentions in pulls, issues, (code-)comments (#14218) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao d44f192d3e
When visit /favicon.ico but the static file is not exist return 404 but not continue to handle the route (#14211) 2 years ago
silverwind 1bf7d71a0a
Consolidate Logos and update README header (#14136) 2 years ago
Johnny Oskarsson a07e67d9cc
Minimal OpenID Connect implementation (#14139) 2 years ago
Chester Liu 632800eda7
Check for 'main' as potential default branch name (#14193) 2 years ago
silverwind 8e5aea88c7
Improve label and text wrapping (#14113) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 11555d850b
Fix bug of link query order on markdown render (#14156) 2 years ago
Timo Ley 2b2a4a53bf
Custom icons for OAuth sources (#14161) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao dd08853b10
Dump github/gitlab/gitea repository data to a local directory and restore to gitea (#12244) 2 years ago
6543 212fa340cf
Migration: drop to long repo topics (#14152) 2 years ago
6543 a19447aed1
migrate from com.* to alternatives (#14103) 2 years ago
Daniil Pankratov 5a94db37ed
Fix creating OAuth2 auth source from CLI (#14116) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 19ae6439b0
Improve vfsgen to not unzip bindata files but send to browser directly (#7109) 2 years ago
6543 5b958315c1
API: Make BasicAuth Prefix case insensitive (#14106) 2 years ago
silverwind cd5278a44c
Fix manifest encoding (#14114) 2 years ago
6543 27fa4814b8
Fix git.parseTagData (#14105) 2 years ago
silverwind 3a21f8a986
Inline manifest.json (#14038) 2 years ago
Cirno the Strongest 2c9dd71140
Standardize Co-Authored-By / Reviewed-By strings (#14097) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao acd5e5a868
Add StatDir and replace com.StatDir (#14099) 2 years ago
胡玮文 c21a399646
more test case for STORAGE_TYPE overrides (and fixes) (#14096) 2 years ago
胡玮文 addd4248da
Fix storage config implementation (#14091) 2 years ago
6543 9271040c21
Add Test for Fix #14040 (#14045) 2 years ago
a1012112796 34df4e5df5
Add mentionable teams to tributeValues and change team mention rules to gh's style (#13198) 2 years ago
Paweł Bogusławski 839daa85aa
Added option to disable migrations (#13114) 2 years ago
Jiri Vlasak d7c67a9fb2
Manually approve new registration (#13083) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 1d3a580a3e
Refactor get tag to remove unnecessary steps (#14058) 2 years ago