11368 Commits (mj-v1.14.3)

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Patrick Schratz ab70b2f4e4
add pat-s to MAINTAINERS list (#15007) 1 year ago
zeripath bf53cf0e04
Ensure that new pull request button works on forked forks owned by owner of the root (#14932) 1 year ago
Norwin f4629fc472
Move repo.CloseIssuesViaCommitInAnyBranch to issue settings (#14965) 1 year ago
GiteaBot ad42adac93 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 year ago
zeripath ed31ddc29a
Fix several render issues (#14986) 1 year ago
Lauris BH 044cd4d016
Add reverse proxy configuration support for remote IP address (#14959) 1 year ago
zeripath 6e423d5573
Ensure validation occurs on clone addresses too (#14994) 1 year ago
tuxmaster5000 f268b4896b
Update comparison docs for gitlab (#14999) 1 year ago
Lauris BH 1ae9b2a89b
Update go-enry to v2.6.1 (#14997) 1 year ago
Mike L 5f8478ab0a
Fix repo page language stat span color (#14993) 1 year ago
Bo-Yi Wu 167b0f46ef
chore(models): rewrite code format. (#14754) 1 year ago
zeripath 164e35ead3
Make sure sibling images get a link too (#14979) 1 year ago
zeripath 6463483ec5
Do not show full lfs file on error in git_test.go:rawTest() (#14980) 1 year ago
Mike L 9566c9f0c7
Re-enable listing of forks when logged out (#14992) 1 year ago
GiteaBot f5aaa74b90 [skip ci] Updated licenses and gitignores 1 year ago
Norwin 658d1bfac8
API: fix set milestone on PR creation (#14981) 1 year ago
Mike L e256a62257
Fix spacing of issue/pulls list review status icons (#14985) 1 year ago
GiteaBot cc6470425c [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 year ago
Norwin 19bcd29c7e
fix release mail html template (#14975) 1 year ago
Norwin 3c7582061f
check if original author is set (#14971) 1 year ago
zeripath ff1bccf3dd
Fix Anchor jumping with escaped query components (#14969) 1 year ago
zeripath 42b9b46ad2
Never add labels not from this repository or organisation and remove org labels on transfer (#14928) 1 year ago
zeripath ccfb205ad1
Fix excluding more than two labels on issues list (#14962) 1 year ago
Norwin 855a4f476e
don't show project cog in issue sidebar if no permission (#14953) 1 year ago
zeripath 91ee3be588
Prevent incorrect HTML escaping in swagger.json (#14957) 1 year ago
Norwin df76d9f7ad
Show correct issues for team dashboard (#14952) 1 year ago
a1012112796 a44b2d01d2
CI: pre install git last verson and git lfs in test (#14681) 1 year ago
GiteaBot 21be2aee1a [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 year ago
Kyle D e475ccfe09
Add kdumontnu to MAINTAINERS (#14964) 1 year ago
zeripath 5705f72fd6
Prevent panic when editing forked repos by API (#14960) 1 year ago
zeripath c8e5c79cfd
Add ui.explore settings to control view of explore pages (2) (#14094) 1 year ago
KN4CK3R bc423a1e84
Use correct default value (#14949) 1 year ago
techknowlogick b175791665
build darwin on arm64 platforms (#14951) 1 year ago
GiteaBot a13c801b21 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 year ago
GiteaBot b7208c727d [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 year ago
Ikko Ashimine 5b94a07ab5
Fix typo in .golangci.yml (#14933) 1 year ago
GiteaBot 8ee4d977a1 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 year ago
6543 177da717a7
[API] get pull, return head branch sha, even if deleted (#14931) 1 year ago
6543 14d8cb7819
Move Workaround for #12675 into it's own function (#14922) 1 year ago
Norwin f4ce10c6a3
Minor UI fixes (#14926) 1 year ago
fnetX (aka fralix) f061277c86
Add "captcha" to list of reserved usernames (#14929) 1 year ago
zeripath 61711143b9
Fix alignment of People and Teams right arrow on org homepage (#14924) 1 year ago
zeripath eb576269d4
Re-enable import local paths after reversion from #13610 (#14925) 1 year ago
zeripath c03f530212
Make internal SSH server host key path configurable (#14918) 1 year ago
zeripath 78b7529cd4
Fix overdue marking of closed issues and milestones (#14923) 1 year ago
GiteaBot 09fe0abb32 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 1 year ago
6543 ae62bb7b6c
Changelog v1.13.4 (#14917) (#14920) 1 year ago
Norwin 5eafd117a6
docs: swagger show models by default (#14880) 1 year ago
KN4CK3R 40aca73347
Fix migration context data (#14910) 1 year ago
zeripath 9b261f52f0
Add SameSite setting for cookies (#14900) 1 year ago