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zeripath 4569339a4b
Refactor doctor (#12264)
3 years ago
zeripath 1b9d5074a7
Add command to recreate tables (#12407)
4 years ago
John Olheiser 43a397ce9a
Initial support for push options (#12169)
4 years ago
zeripath 74bd9691c6
Re-attempt to delete temporary upload if the file is locked by another process (#12447)
4 years ago
赵智超 12f9dd8fa9
Decrease the num_stars when deleting a repo (#11954)
4 years ago
zeripath b9e281265e
Add migration to set IsArchived false if it is null (#11853)
4 years ago
6543 726e1e5279
Doctor check & fix db consistency (#11111)
4 years ago
zeripath 089b34858c
Return error for authorized_keys and mergebase problems (#10990)
4 years ago
zeripath d26885e2bf
Mulitple Gitea Doctor improvements (#10943)
4 years ago
guillep2k 04cbdf5c08
Implement basic app.ini and path checks to doctor cmd (#10064)
4 years ago
Lunny Xiao f69f5a9f10 Add a new command doctor to check if some wrong configurations on gitea instance (#9095)
4 years ago