10614 Commits (9269a038a4e904bdeaf5470e76e3a4f8a2a4685b)

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silverwind 9269a038a4
Direct avatar rendering (#13649) 2 years ago
silverwind 0d35ef5b43
Fix various CSS issues (#13769) 2 years ago
Jimmy Praet 47e4d1a4e2
Reply button is not removed when deleting a code review comment (#13774) 2 years ago
6543 4353cf96c0
Move LFSLock APIFormat into convert package (#13808) 2 years ago
John Olheiser e306c292ac
Expose default theme in meta and API (#13809) 2 years ago
Jimmy Praet 056b8f5b52
Clickable links in pull request (and issue) titles (#13695) 2 years ago
silverwind 18712eab79
Reduce make verbosity (#13803) 2 years ago
zeripath 5e0a3784ea
When reinitialising DBConfig reset the database use flags (#13796) 2 years ago
Patrick Schratz c3893a8bd1
Update docker ssh passthrough docs (#13732) 2 years ago
6543 7ac8a770e1
Move Repo APIFormat to convert package (#13787) 2 years ago
6543 2b4a08e962
Migrations: Use Process Manager to create own Context (#13792) 2 years ago
techknowlogick fd1c3519c3
frontport 1.13.0 changelog (#13790) 2 years ago
6543 594cc4aa2a
Update Gitea Version & Fix Migration Comments (#13789) 2 years ago
6543 4f5ff1ef08
move notification APIFormat (#13783) 2 years ago
zeripath 4569339a4b
Refactor doctor (#12264) 2 years ago
silverwind 253add883d
Swap swagger-ui with swagger-ui-dist (#13777) 2 years ago
silverwind b1cf7f4df1
Add class to page content to unify top margin (#13766) 2 years ago
silverwind 14e8ef9ecb
Flip RUN_MODE detection in router (#13768) 2 years ago
silverwind bc455ed257
Set RUN_MODE prod by default (#13765) 2 years ago
Jeremie Deray 870fd53320
set git-core paths in snap (#13711) 2 years ago
silverwind 21cf205dc7
Fix bogus http requests on diffs (#13760) 2 years ago
Cirno the Strongest d7ab72681d
Fix avatar offset on PR/issue timeline view (#13753) 2 years ago
silverwind 63aeb0a859
Fix webpack build warnings (#13752) 2 years ago
silverwind e81edc02b9
Update JS dependencies and misc tweaks (#13741) 2 years ago
6543 c4deb97ed1
[Vendor] Update Batch 2020-11 (#13746) 2 years ago
hana e8a6c425ec
Update discord domain (#13747) 2 years ago
GiteaBot c2ac1c73f2 [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 2 years ago
silverwind 295fc99607
Markdown and Repo header tweaks (#13744) 2 years ago
silverwind e00a355427
Dropdowns, Labels fixes and more CSS tweaks (#13733) 2 years ago
silverwind da4bb6fc4e
Fix label styles affecting shabox (#13734) 2 years ago
6543 b2435af9be
Add Allow-/Block-List for Migrate & Mirrors (#13610) 2 years ago
6543 0f14f69e60
Verify password for local-account activation (#13631) 2 years ago
silverwind e82150d41b
Reduce number of docker pulls on ci (#13739) 2 years ago
GiteaBot 4f82a0b12e [skip ci] Updated translations via Crowdin 2 years ago
zeripath 911d370dad
Push HEAD instead of master when initialising repositories (#13719) 2 years ago
a1012112796 9c26dc1f3a
Add block on official review requests branch protection (#13705) 2 years ago
silverwind 7ed5bf8cbe
Fix .editorconfig (#13735) 2 years ago
Simon 8c996c6505
Fix missing stylesheets on installation page (#13736) 2 years ago
a1012112796 1e5247d424
ui: show 'owner' tag for real owner (#13689) 2 years ago
Jimmy Praet 48c9865fce
Fix review request notification issue link when external issue tracker is enabled (#13723) 2 years ago
6543 e7b47c5215
Format files (#13698) 2 years ago
zeripath 742e21aeba
Handle and propagate errors when checking if paths are Dirs, Files or Exist (#13186) 2 years ago
Jesse Laprade 5b75f17043
Fixed the log path on fail2ban page (#13726) 2 years ago
silverwind 7ab3633598
Enable linting of JS inside templates (#13708) 2 years ago
Jimmy Praet 3f13e07849
Use trashcan icon for remove review request (#13722) 2 years ago
John Olheiser 979fbe086c
Increment skip to avoid infini-loop (#13703) 2 years ago
silverwind 7bc0c8cff6
Prevent clone protocol button flash on page load (#13626) 2 years ago
silverwind b2de034278
CSS navbar and color tweaks (#13609) 2 years ago
Jimmy Praet 03fa2eccbc
Use chronological commit order in default squash message (#13661) (#13696) 2 years ago
Lauris BH 57fa9b0f25
Support shortened commit SHAs in URLs (#13686) 2 years ago