30 Commits (9b261f52f074fcc11fd705dae63084364c4f7adf)

Author SHA1 Message Date
zeripath 9b261f52f0
Add SameSite setting for cookies (#14900) 2 years ago
Michel Ganguin 4457d0e8d9
Honor REGISTER_MANUAL_CONFIRM when doing openid registration (#14548) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 41c0776568
Fix captcha (#14488) 2 years ago
Lunny Xiao 6433ba0ec3
Move macaron to chi (#14293) 2 years ago
John Olheiser 72636fd664
hCaptcha Support (#12594) 2 years ago
zeripath 76053ac31a
Whenever the ctx.Session is updated, release it to save it before sending the redirect (#11456) 2 years ago
guillep2k 09dbd85a3a
Various fixes in login sources (#10428) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 5a438ee3c0
Move all mail related codes from models to services/mailer (#7200) 3 years ago
Tamal Saha 171b359877 Use gitea forked macaron (#7933) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 85202d4784
Display ui time with customize time location (#7792) 3 years ago
AJ ONeal 62d6127f1b Make captcha and password optional for external accounts (#6606) 3 years ago
kolaente f9ec2f89f2 Add golangci (#6418) 3 years ago
Bo-Yi Wu 743697a549
refactor: append, build variable and type switch (#4940) 3 years ago
zeripath ade88a877d Allow Recaptcha service url to be configured (#6820) 3 years ago
zeripath 704da08fdc
Better logging (#6038) (#6095) 4 years ago
mrsdizzie 6f2e1bd23a Don't Unescape redirect_to cookie value (#6399) 4 years ago
zeripath 2b36bdd490 Do not display the raw OpenID error in the UI (#5705) 4 years ago
SagePtr 0449330dbc Make cookies HttpOnly and obey COOKIE_SECURE flag (#4706) 4 years ago
Fluf f035dcd4f2 Add Recaptcha functionality to Gitea (#4044) 4 years ago
Lauris BH 7b2b900e13 Refactor and simplify redirect to url (#3674) 5 years ago
Codruț Constantin Gușoi 96c268c0fc Implements generator cli for secrets (#3531) 5 years ago
Morgan Bazalgette 65861900cd Handle refactor (#3339) 5 years ago
Sandro Santilli 2c3a229a3c Add OpenID configuration in install page (#2276) 5 years ago
Lunny Xiao f960e19c59 Only update needed columns when update user (#2296) 5 years ago
Lauris BH 32fc44aa83 Make time diff translatable (#2057) 5 years ago
Jonas Östanbäck b93568cce4 xxx_active_code_live setting in printed in hours and minutes instead … (#1814) 5 years ago
Sandro Santilli 129b0d6a4b Allow ENABLE_OPENID_SIGNUP to depend on DISABLE_REGISTRATION (#1369) 6 years ago
Sandro Santilli f73e734411 Run "make fmt" with go-1.6 (#1333) 6 years ago
Sandro Santilli 97ee88975a Add captcha support to OpenID based signup 6 years ago
Sandro Santilli 71d16f69ff Login via OpenID-2.0 (#618) 6 years ago