17 Commits (c21167e3a2dc481750ce541d65782297e8c47254)

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Emanuel Angelo a39557f8fb
European Portuguese translation (#11568) 2 years ago
Yaşar Çiv 57b0d9a38b Add @yasarciv67 to TRANSLATORS file (#8451) 3 years ago
Adam 7de910ab6f Added myself to translators list (#8292) 3 years ago
briolantonio f887085ee0 Update TRANSLATORS (#5194) 4 years ago
SagePtr 9500d394ec Minor fix to TRANSLATORS (#4836) 4 years ago
Piotr Orzechowski 51c3b4b4bf Add Orzech to translator list (#4801) 4 years ago
Niclas Kroon c9687c036d update TRANSLATORS (#4406) 4 years ago
Guilhem Marion 3089833167 Update TRANSLATORS (#4349) 4 years ago
Anderi Azuki c7a4317231 Update TRANSLATORS (#3933) 4 years ago
bugreport0 bac6d05e78 Improve English grammar and consistency. (#3614) 5 years ago
Kazuki Sawada 07b4e47a56 Add myself to TRANSLATORS (#3415) 5 years ago
viktike 18bf6be398 Add myself as a translator (#3370) 5 years ago
Discusal Media 6a49ada260 Update TRANSLATORS (#2843) 5 years ago
Joel da Rosa e6bb8e7a4d Translator pt-BR (#2838) 5 years ago
Jonathan Lozada D 8a9cc86bf6 added myself to the translation list (#2828) 5 years ago
Denis Denisov fd941db246 Protected branches system (#339) 6 years ago
Thomas Boerger b33078fa33 Bindata is optional and over-writable on restart (#354) 6 years ago
Lunny Xiao 0e1392501d Check if file is a symlink with web editor (#3687) (#445) 6 years ago
Avelino b4671c9aab replace Gogs to Gitea on locale files 6 years ago
Unknwon 50422f1fc2 #3348 always use relative avatar link in the template 6 years ago
Pablo Saavedra 98b152030d The pruning for the synchronized mirrors is a option now. Default value: enable_prune = true (#3246) 6 years ago
Richard Bukovansky 04592c385b Adding myself (#3084) 6 years ago
Unknwon fbf43c31e5 Add Czech support 6 years ago
Unknwon 0a78d99a4d models/release: filter input to prevent command line argument vulnerability 7 years ago
Unknwon 5ec8ef0230 Update locales 7 years ago
Unknwon ad513a20e9 #2302 Replace time.Time with Unix Timestamp (int64) 7 years ago
Unknwon 9df6ce48c5 Minor fixes for #2746 7 years ago
Unknwon d57a2b908a #2743 and #2751 fix bad SQL generated by XORM 7 years ago
Unknwon f946040fa9 #1891 attempt to fix expected invalid CSRF token 7 years ago
Unknwon c9901bbba5 #2743 workaround to fix XORM problem 7 years ago
Unknwon 37ac743da7 Update TRANSLATORS and remove tip for CI 7 years ago
Unknwon 04be8c0de5 #2554 reinitialize all repos from the db 7 years ago
Unknwon ab89be33a9 fix #2385 7 years ago
Unknwon 91bab801aa #2349 try to handle []int8 case 7 years ago
Unknwon 6673dcb038 #2103 #2181 improvments of highlight class name 7 years ago
Unknwon 7786cb76f3 fix #2205 7 years ago
Unknwon 8ecbf0f16d fix #2204 7 years ago
Unknwon 19423957b1 rename import path 7 years ago
Unknwon b5f6206a65 prepare release 7 years ago
Unknwon 92535c9df0 update some libs 7 years ago
Unknwon b0226a1d05 fix #1831 7 years ago
Unknwon cb100c7781 work #1705 7 years ago
Unknwon 07fe846c9f #1579 change e-mail max length to 254 7 years ago
Unknwon a8a2992758 update locale and TRANSLATOR 7 years ago
Morten Klim Sørensen 51473f7bfe Update TRANSLATORS 7 years ago
Gregor Santner e892cdb1b4 Updated Translators 7 years ago
Unknwon 42a72b62fc fix about #1289 7 years ago
Unknwon ff051e2106 #1128: API calls are not hidden behind sign in 7 years ago
Marc Schiller f62ffeb481 Update TRANSLATORS 7 years ago
Unknwon 81adbe17ca use pam and update TRANSLATORS 7 years ago