38 Commits (c21167e3a2dc481750ce541d65782297e8c47254)

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zeripath 13b8c0b7ae
Switch from SimpleMDE to EasyMDE (#13333) 2 years ago
silverwind 2fd78c151e
Move jquery-minicolors to npm/webpack (#12305) 2 years ago
silverwind b02d2c3772
Move tributejs to npm/webpack (#11497) 3 years ago
mrsdizzie 4563eb873d
Support unicode emojis and remove emojify.js (#11032) 3 years ago
silverwind 85fb33a65f
move jquery-datetimepicker to npm/webpack (#10713) 3 years ago
silverwind 9d3e69e867
Move dropzone.js to npm/webpack (#10645) 3 years ago
silverwind 062f35109d
move vue and vue-calendar-heatmap to webpack (#10188) 3 years ago
silverwind 4721d45c2a
move clipboard.js to npm/webpack (#10183) 3 years ago
silverwind 35ada598cc
move jquery.are-you-sure to npm/webpack (#10063) 3 years ago
silverwind b9690d7c0b move highlight.js to npm/webpack (#10011) 3 years ago
silverwind 75a124b449 remove loadCSS and preload woff2 icon fonts (#9976) 3 years ago
silverwind 2982afe6b4 move jquery and jquery-migrate to npm/webpack (#9813) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 5cf241b312
Use npm to manage fomantic and only build needed components (#9561) 3 years ago
silverwind cc2916dc5a remove promise-polyfill (#9812) 3 years ago
techknowlogick 8f31c2fc76
remove google font call (#9668) 3 years ago
techknowlogick 590d56dbb3
switch to fomantic-ui (#9374) 3 years ago
silverwind f8bd90ba60 enable lazy-loading of gitgraph.js (#9036) 3 years ago
6543 a3e42bfebd [Feature] Add Gitea Emoji (#8950) 3 years ago
oscar.lofwenhamn 1e9b330525 Update CodeMirror to version 5.49.0 (#8381) 3 years ago
Antoine GIRARD 26a78fa6b3 vendor: update pdf.js to v2.1.266 (#7834) 3 years ago
techknowlogick efaee46b4d jQuery 3 (#7425) 3 years ago
silverwind 867ad49091 update highlight.js (#6658) 4 years ago
silverwind 8e266c3193 UI: Fix race in update issue labels and assignees (#6194) 4 years ago
Lauris BH fc14344acb
Fix heatmap and repository menu display in Internet Explorer 9+ (#6117) 4 years ago
Lauris BH e09fe48773 Refactor heatmap to vue component (#5401) 4 years ago
kolaente 6759237eda User action heatmap (#5131) 4 years ago
techknowlogick 13e8a0fe56
offline use of fonts (#4872) 4 years ago
techknowlogick 895e538836
Update jQuery to v1.12.4 (#4551) 4 years ago
Alexey Terentyev ca474af3c6 Added front-end topics validation (#4316) 4 years ago
Alexey Terentyev 7893e5939a Update gitgraph.js to fix "Cannot read property color of undefined" (#4095) 5 years ago
Jonas Franz 951309f76a Add support for FIDO U2F (#3971) 5 years ago
Morgan Bazalgette 535445c32e Rework special link parsing in the post-processing of markup (#3354) 5 years ago
modmew8 e08b3a592e Emoji Autocomplete (#3433) 5 years ago
harry 03ec35ed79 Mention completion for issue editor. (#3136) 5 years ago
Michael Kuhn 42d781a709 Update gitgraph.js to fix blurry commit graph on HiDPI screens (#2957) 5 years ago
Lunny Xiao caa61a2b99
bug fixed 5 years ago
Michael Lustfield 874f9be3e6 Move themes to plugin directory. Fixes #2372 (#2375) 5 years ago
Michael Lustfield a915a09e4f Moved vendored js/css into `public/vendor` and documented sources (#1484) (#2241) 5 years ago