37 Commits (d6657644a96417d2e771a2891a54e99e686be0a3)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Antoine GIRARD df758f3cc9
make/pr: enforce vendor for run (#10296) 3 years ago
guillep2k 7e920703f9
Move fixture generation to contrib and add test (#10277) 3 years ago
Antoine GIRARD 632df9b996
Improve make PR (force build and help message) (#10178) 3 years ago
Bagas Sanjaya ce274d652f Add Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Page (#9513) 3 years ago
techknowlogick 10455a88dc
Resolve deprecated INI conversion (#9525) 3 years ago
zeripath 884173232f Add contrib/environment-to-ini (#9519) 3 years ago
zeripath e3c3b33ea7
Graceful: Xorm, RepoIndexer, Cron and Others (#9282) 3 years ago
Anthony Vanelverdinghe 44ec9b933a Rephrase comment about RuntimeDirectory option (#8912) 3 years ago
Ramon Fischer 2282c659dd Explicity indicate the socket unit to use the service unit "gitea.service" (#8804) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao d151503d34 Upgrade xorm to v0.8.0 (#8536) 3 years ago
zeripath 0b44f0c465
Update the provided gitea.service to mention socket activation (#8531) 3 years ago
Thomas McWork bc5a479fef Add unix socket help (#8377) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao f83db078f0 Move database settings from models to setting (#7806) 3 years ago
Tamal Saha 171b359877 Use gitea forked macaron (#7933) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao edc94c7041 Monitor all git commands; move blame to git package and replace git as a variable (#6864) 3 years ago
kolaente f9ec2f89f2 Add golangci (#6418) 3 years ago
zeripath 2c412f517a Add FHS-compliant-script (#6923) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao 355ab0c62c Fix wrong init dependency on markup extensions (#7038) 3 years ago
zeripath e55c874dd2 Add work path CLI option (#6922) 3 years ago
zeripath ce8de35334 Remove local clones & make hooks run on merge/edit/upload (#6672) 3 years ago
zeripath 8d0d7bc28d Make CustomPath, CustomConf and AppWorkPath configurable at build (#6631) 3 years ago
John Olheiser 4f74bad783 Add way to force checkout (#6322) 4 years ago
John Olheiser 202a8f6ed9 Use correct remote on Windows (#6313) 4 years ago
Antoine GIRARD 9d3732dfd5 [Contrib] Checkout a PR (#6021) 4 years ago
techknowlogick dbb4aeead9
Change systemd service file to more correctly match Debian & Centos - Fix #4391 (#5777) 4 years ago
BetaCat 8b4c4bd08f k8s deployment (#5046) 4 years ago
Mura Li 25c49cf930 Update build tags for sqlite_unlock_notify (#5144) 4 years ago
Antonio Huete Jimenez 3e6d9b355e Add a basic SMF manifest for SunOS platforms (#4238) 4 years ago
Lauris BH 1aee261aae More detailed documentation on how to set up from binary (#4121) 4 years ago
techknowlogick af62ec5cc0 Note about adding permisions to binary (#3936) 4 years ago
Jonas Bröms fd09d1ffb8 Drop unmaintained gogs migration script (#2947) 5 years ago
William Mantly Jr e4f96c60cd App restarts to quickly if it fails to start. (#2945) 5 years ago
Mulia Nasution 605038dca9 Fix typo (#2810) 5 years ago
Morlinest a257f88a09 Remove manual of unsupported option (#2757) 5 years ago
Lauris BH 4c2b1be3a4 Basic VSCode configuration for building and debugging (#2483) 5 years ago
Sandro Santilli b7da5a6cb7 Fix service description in Debian init file (#1538) 6 years ago
Thomas Boerger a06c3ad2c0 Synced gitignores with github repo (#1245) 6 years ago