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Lunny Xiao 6433ba0ec3
Move macaron to chi (#14293)
2 years ago
zeripath d1a49977b0 AuthorizedKeysCommand should not query db directly (#9371)
4 years ago
Tamal Saha 171b359877 Use gitea forked macaron (#7933)
4 years ago
Lunny Xiao 85202d4784
Display ui time with customize time location (#7792)
4 years ago
zeripath 356854fc5f Move serv hook functionality & drop GitLogger (#6993)
4 years ago
zeripath 01c10a951b
Fix ssh deploy and user key constraints (#1357) (#5939)
4 years ago
Antoine GIRARD 617a2433a3 Make gitea serv use api/internal (#4886)
5 years ago