15 Commits (f70b3532360bfa9d421a06a11a8c2a9768aca793)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Manush Dodunekov 1751d5fcf2 Restricted users (#6274) 3 years ago
David Svantesson 69a255defb Team permission to create repository in organization (#8312) 3 years ago
David Svantesson a0e88dfc2e Add teams to repo on collaboration page. (#8045) 3 years ago
Antoine GIRARD 76408d50fb org/members: display 2FA members states + optimize sql requests (#7621) 3 years ago
Lunny Xiao eabbddcd98
Restrict permission check on repositories and fix some problems (#5314) 4 years ago
David Schneiderbauer 0b3ea42847 hide issues from org private repos w/o team assignment (#4034) 5 years ago
Morlinest ddb7f59ef4 Add search mode option to /api/repo/search (#2756) 5 years ago
Morlinest ccd3577970 Fix repository search function (#2689) 5 years ago
Morlinest ca68a75b5b Expand fixtures (#2571) 5 years ago
Lauris BH f33e6ae09e Remove unit types commits and settings (#2161) 5 years ago
Lunny Xiao fd6034aaf2 Add units to team (#947) 6 years ago
Ethan Koenig 4f3880ff15 Bug fixes and unit tests for org_team (#1016) 6 years ago
Ethan Koenig 5972aa9af3 Fix inconsistencies in test fixtures 6 years ago
Ethan Koenig a2412492da Unit tests and bug fix for models/org 6 years ago
Ethan Koenig 6072b03291 Unit tests for models/access.go (#606) 6 years ago