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// Copyright 2019 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package context
import (
// Pagination provides a pagination via Paginater and additional configurations for the link params used in rendering
type Pagination struct {
Paginater *paginater.Paginater
urlParams []string
// NewPagination creates a new instance of the Pagination struct
func NewPagination(total int, page int, issueNum int, numPages int) *Pagination {
p := &Pagination{}
p.Paginater = paginater.New(total, page, issueNum, numPages)
return p
// AddParam adds a value from context identified by ctxKey as link param under a given paramKey
func (p *Pagination) AddParam(ctx *Context, paramKey string, ctxKey string) {
_, exists := ctx.Data[ctxKey]
if !exists {
paramData := fmt.Sprintf("%v", ctx.Data[ctxKey]) // cast interface{} to string
urlParam := fmt.Sprintf("%s=%v", url.QueryEscape(paramKey), url.QueryEscape(paramData))
p.urlParams = append(p.urlParams, urlParam)
// AddParamString adds a string parameter directly
func (p *Pagination) AddParamString(key string, value string) {
urlParam := fmt.Sprintf("%s=%v", url.QueryEscape(key), url.QueryEscape(value))
p.urlParams = append(p.urlParams, urlParam)
// GetParams returns the configured URL params
func (p *Pagination) GetParams() template.URL {
return template.URL(strings.Join(p.urlParams, "&"))
// SetDefaultParams sets common pagination params that are often used
func (p *Pagination) SetDefaultParams(ctx *Context) {
p.AddParam(ctx, "sort", "SortType")
p.AddParam(ctx, "q", "Keyword")
p.AddParam(ctx, "tab", "TabName")
p.AddParam(ctx, "t", "queryType")