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// Copyright 2020 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package cron
import (
// Config represents a basic configuration interface that cron task
type Config interface {
IsEnabled() bool
DoRunAtStart() bool
GetSchedule() string
FormatMessage(name, status string, doer *models.User, args ...interface{}) string
DoNoticeOnSuccess() bool
// BaseConfig represents the basic config for a Cron task
type BaseConfig struct {
Enabled bool
RunAtStart bool
Schedule string
NoSuccessNotice bool
// OlderThanConfig represents a cron task with OlderThan setting
type OlderThanConfig struct {
OlderThan time.Duration
// UpdateExistingConfig represents a cron task with UpdateExisting setting
type UpdateExistingConfig struct {
UpdateExisting bool
// CleanupHookTaskConfig represents a cron task with settings to cleanup hook_task
type CleanupHookTaskConfig struct {
CleanupType string
OlderThan time.Duration
NumberToKeep int
// GetSchedule returns the schedule for the base config
func (b *BaseConfig) GetSchedule() string {
return b.Schedule
// IsEnabled returns the enabled status for the config
func (b *BaseConfig) IsEnabled() bool {
return b.Enabled
// DoRunAtStart returns whether the task should be run at the start
func (b *BaseConfig) DoRunAtStart() bool {
return b.RunAtStart
// DoNoticeOnSuccess returns whether a success notice should be posted
func (b *BaseConfig) DoNoticeOnSuccess() bool {
return !b.NoSuccessNotice
// FormatMessage returns a message for the task
func (b *BaseConfig) FormatMessage(name, status string, doer *models.User, args ...interface{}) string {
realArgs := make([]interface{}, 0, len(args)+2)
realArgs = append(realArgs, i18n.Tr("en-US", "admin.dashboard."+name))
if doer == nil {
realArgs = append(realArgs, "(Cron)")
} else {
realArgs = append(realArgs, doer.Name)
if len(args) > 0 {
realArgs = append(realArgs, args...)
if doer == nil || (doer.ID == -1 && doer.Name == "(Cron)") {
return i18n.Tr("en-US", "admin.dashboard.cron."+status, realArgs...)
return i18n.Tr("en-US", "admin.dashboard.task."+status, realArgs...)