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// Copyright 2019 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package log
import "strings"
// These flags define which text to prefix to each log entry generated
// by the Logger. Bits are or'ed together to control what's printed.
// There is no control over the order they appear (the order listed
// here) or the format they present (as described in the comments).
// The prefix is followed by a colon only if more than time is stated
// is specified. For example, flags Ldate | Ltime
// produce, 2009/01/23 01:23:23 message.
// The standard is:
// 2009/01/23 01:23:23 ...a/logger/c/d.go:23:runtime.Caller() [I]: message
const (
Ldate = 1 << iota // the date in the local time zone: 2009/01/23
Ltime // the time in the local time zone: 01:23:23
Lmicroseconds // microsecond resolution: 01:23:23.123123. assumes Ltime.
Llongfile // full file name and line number: /a/logger/c/d.go:23
Lshortfile // final file name element and line number: d.go:23. overrides Llongfile
Lfuncname // function name of the caller: runtime.Caller()
Lshortfuncname // last part of the function name
LUTC // if Ldate or Ltime is set, use UTC rather than the local time zone
Llevelinitial // Initial character of the provided level in brackets eg. [I] for info
Llevel // Provided level in brackets [INFO]
// Last 20 characters of the filename
Lmedfile = Lshortfile | Llongfile
// LstdFlags is the initial value for the standard logger
LstdFlags = Ldate | Ltime | Lmedfile | Lshortfuncname | Llevelinitial
var flagFromString = map[string]int{
"none": 0,
"date": Ldate,
"time": Ltime,
"microseconds": Lmicroseconds,
"longfile": Llongfile,
"shortfile": Lshortfile,
"funcname": Lfuncname,
"shortfuncname": Lshortfuncname,
"utc": LUTC,
"levelinitial": Llevelinitial,
"level": Llevel,
"medfile": Lmedfile,
"stdflags": LstdFlags,
// FlagsFromString takes a comma separated list of flags and returns
// the flags for this string
func FlagsFromString(from string) int {
flags := 0
for _, flag := range strings.Split(strings.ToLower(from), ",") {
f, ok := flagFromString[strings.TrimSpace(flag)]
if ok {
flags |= f
if flags == 0 {
return -1
return flags