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domi41 f70b353236 fix: issue with the biggest group calculus 1 year ago
common Don't replace underscores in auto-generated IDs in goldmark (#12805) 2 years ago
csv Detect delimiter in CSV rendering (#7869) 3 years ago
external Re-attempt to delete temporary upload if the file is locked by another process (#12447) 2 years ago
markdown Remove extraneous logging (#15020) 2 years ago
mdstripper Detect full references to issues and pulls in commit messages (#12399) 2 years ago
orgmode fix: media links in org files not liked to media files (#12997) 2 years ago
html.go Run processors on whole of text (#16155) (#16185) 1 year ago
html_internal_test.go Issue/PR Context Popups (#9822) 3 years ago
html_test.go Run processors on whole of text (#16155) (#16185) 1 year ago
markup.go Don't manually replace whitespace during render (#10291) 3 years ago
markup_test.go Prioritize "readme.md" (#5691) 4 years ago
sanitizer.go issue-keyword class is being incorrectly stripped off spans (#16163) (#16172) 1 year ago
sanitizer_test.go Update to bluemonday-1.0.6 (#15294) (#15297) 2 years ago