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// Copyright 2017 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Copyright 2017 The Gogs Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package markup
import (
// Sanitizer is a protection wrapper of *bluemonday.Policy which does not allow
// any modification to the underlying policies once it's been created.
type Sanitizer struct {
policy *bluemonday.Policy
init sync.Once
var sanitizer = &Sanitizer{}
// NewSanitizer initializes sanitizer with allowed attributes based on settings.
// Multiple calls to this function will only create one instance of Sanitizer during
// entire application lifecycle.
func NewSanitizer() {
sanitizer.init.Do(func() {
// ReplaceSanitizer replaces the current sanitizer to account for changes in settings
func ReplaceSanitizer() {
sanitizer.policy = bluemonday.UGCPolicy()
// For Chroma markdown plugin
sanitizer.policy.AllowAttrs("class").Matching(regexp.MustCompile(`^(chroma )?language-[\w-]+$`)).OnElements("code")
// Checkboxes
sanitizer.policy.AllowAttrs("checked", "disabled").OnElements("input")
// Custom URL-Schemes
if len(setting.Markdown.CustomURLSchemes) > 0 {
// Allow classes for anchors
// Allow classes for task lists
// Allow icons
// Allow unlabelled labels
// Allow classes for emojis
// Allow icons, emojis, chroma syntax and keyword markup on span
sanitizer.policy.AllowAttrs("class").Matching(regexp.MustCompile(`^((icon(\s+[\p{L}\p{N}_-]+)+)|(emoji))$|^([a-z][a-z0-9]{0,2})$|^` + keywordClass + `$`)).OnElements("span")
// Allow generally safe attributes
generalSafeAttrs := []string{"abbr", "accept", "accept-charset",
"accesskey", "action", "align", "alt",
"aria-describedby", "aria-hidden", "aria-label", "aria-labelledby",
"axis", "border", "cellpadding", "cellspacing", "char",
"charoff", "charset", "checked",
"clear", "cols", "colspan", "color",
"compact", "coords", "datetime", "dir",
"disabled", "enctype", "for", "frame",
"headers", "height", "hreflang",
"hspace", "ismap", "label", "lang",
"maxlength", "media", "method",
"multiple", "name", "nohref", "noshade",
"nowrap", "open", "prompt", "readonly", "rel", "rev",
"rows", "rowspan", "rules", "scope",
"selected", "shape", "size", "span",
"start", "summary", "tabindex", "target",
"title", "type", "usemap", "valign", "value",
"vspace", "width", "itemprop",
generalSafeElements := []string{
"h1", "h2", "h3", "h4", "h5", "h6", "h7", "h8", "br", "b", "i", "strong", "em", "a", "pre", "code", "img", "tt",
"div", "ins", "del", "sup", "sub", "p", "ol", "ul", "table", "thead", "tbody", "tfoot", "blockquote",
"dl", "dt", "dd", "kbd", "q", "samp", "var", "hr", "ruby", "rt", "rp", "li", "tr", "td", "th", "s", "strike", "summary",
"details", "caption", "figure", "figcaption",
"abbr", "bdo", "cite", "dfn", "mark", "small", "span", "time", "wbr",
sanitizer.policy.AllowAttrs("itemscope", "itemtype").OnElements("div")
// FIXME: Need to handle longdesc in img but there is no easy way to do it
// Custom keyword markup
for _, rule := range setting.ExternalSanitizerRules {
if rule.Regexp != nil {
} else {
// Sanitize takes a string that contains a HTML fragment or document and applies policy whitelist.
func Sanitize(s string) string {
return sanitizer.policy.Sanitize(s)
// SanitizeReader sanitizes a Reader
func SanitizeReader(r io.Reader) *bytes.Buffer {
return sanitizer.policy.SanitizeReader(r)
// SanitizeBytes takes a []byte slice that contains a HTML fragment or document and applies policy whitelist.
func SanitizeBytes(b []byte) []byte {
if len(b) == 0 {
// nothing to sanitize
return b
return sanitizer.policy.SanitizeBytes(b)