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// Copyright 2019 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package repository
import (
// ForkRepository forks a repository
func ForkRepository(doer, owner *models.User, oldRepo *models.Repository, name, desc string) (_ *models.Repository, err error) {
forkedRepo, err := oldRepo.GetUserFork(owner.ID)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
if forkedRepo != nil {
return nil, models.ErrForkAlreadyExist{
Uname: owner.Name,
RepoName: oldRepo.FullName(),
ForkName: forkedRepo.FullName(),
repo := &models.Repository{
OwnerID: owner.ID,
Owner: owner,
OwnerName: owner.Name,
Name: name,
LowerName: strings.ToLower(name),
Description: desc,
DefaultBranch: oldRepo.DefaultBranch,
IsPrivate: oldRepo.IsPrivate || oldRepo.Owner.Visibility == structs.VisibleTypePrivate,
IsEmpty: oldRepo.IsEmpty,
IsFork: true,
ForkID: oldRepo.ID,
oldRepoPath := oldRepo.RepoPath()
err = models.WithTx(func(ctx models.DBContext) error {
if err = models.CreateRepository(ctx, doer, owner, repo, false); err != nil {
return err
rollbackRemoveFn := func() {
if repo.ID == 0 {
if errDelete := models.DeleteRepository(doer, owner.ID, repo.ID); errDelete != nil {
log.Error("Rollback deleteRepository: %v", errDelete)
if err = models.IncrementRepoForkNum(ctx, oldRepo.ID); err != nil {
return err
// copy lfs files failure should not be ignored
if err := models.CopyLFS(ctx, repo, oldRepo); err != nil {
return err
repoPath := models.RepoPath(owner.Name, repo.Name)
if stdout, err := git.NewCommand(
"clone", "--bare", oldRepoPath, repoPath).
SetDescription(fmt.Sprintf("ForkRepository(git clone): %s to %s", oldRepo.FullName(), repo.FullName())).
RunInDirTimeout(10*time.Minute, ""); err != nil {
log.Error("Fork Repository (git clone) Failed for %v (from %v):\nStdout: %s\nError: %v", repo, oldRepo, stdout, err)
return fmt.Errorf("git clone: %v", err)
if stdout, err := git.NewCommand("update-server-info").
SetDescription(fmt.Sprintf("ForkRepository(git update-server-info): %s", repo.FullName())).
RunInDir(repoPath); err != nil {
log.Error("Fork Repository (git update-server-info) failed for %v:\nStdout: %s\nError: %v", repo, stdout, err)
return fmt.Errorf("git update-server-info: %v", err)
if err = createDelegateHooks(repoPath); err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("createDelegateHooks: %v", err)
return nil
if err != nil {
return nil, err
// even if below operations failed, it could be ignored. And they will be retried
ctx := models.DefaultDBContext()
if err = repo.UpdateSize(ctx); err != nil {
log.Error("Failed to update size for repository: %v", err)
if err := models.CopyLanguageStat(oldRepo, repo); err != nil {
log.Error("Copy language stat from oldRepo failed")
return repo, nil