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// Copyright 2019 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package setting
import (
jsoniter "github.com/json-iterator/go"
var (
// SessionConfig difines Session settings
SessionConfig = struct {
Provider string
// Provider configuration, it's corresponding to provider.
ProviderConfig string
// Cookie name to save session ID. Default is "MacaronSession".
CookieName string
// Cookie path to store. Default is "/".
CookiePath string
// GC interval time in seconds. Default is 3600.
Gclifetime int64
// Max life time in seconds. Default is whatever GC interval time is.
Maxlifetime int64
// Use HTTPS only. Default is false.
Secure bool
// Cookie domain name. Default is empty.
Domain string
// SameSite declares if your cookie should be restricted to a first-party or same-site context. Valid strings are "none", "lax", "strict". Default is "lax"
SameSite http.SameSite
CookieName: "i_like_gitea",
Gclifetime: 86400,
Maxlifetime: 86400,
SameSite: http.SameSiteLaxMode,
func newSessionService() {
sec := Cfg.Section("session")
SessionConfig.Provider = sec.Key("PROVIDER").In("memory",
[]string{"memory", "file", "redis", "mysql", "postgres", "couchbase", "memcache", "db"})
SessionConfig.ProviderConfig = strings.Trim(sec.Key("PROVIDER_CONFIG").MustString(path.Join(AppDataPath, "sessions")), "\" ")
if SessionConfig.Provider == "file" && !filepath.IsAbs(SessionConfig.ProviderConfig) {
SessionConfig.ProviderConfig = path.Join(AppWorkPath, SessionConfig.ProviderConfig)
SessionConfig.CookieName = sec.Key("COOKIE_NAME").MustString("i_like_gitea")
SessionConfig.CookiePath = AppSubURL
SessionConfig.Secure = sec.Key("COOKIE_SECURE").MustBool(false)
SessionConfig.Gclifetime = sec.Key("GC_INTERVAL_TIME").MustInt64(86400)
SessionConfig.Maxlifetime = sec.Key("SESSION_LIFE_TIME").MustInt64(86400)
SessionConfig.Domain = sec.Key("DOMAIN").String()
samesiteString := sec.Key("SAME_SITE").In("lax", []string{"none", "lax", "strict"})
switch strings.ToLower(samesiteString) {
case "none":
SessionConfig.SameSite = http.SameSiteNoneMode
case "strict":
SessionConfig.SameSite = http.SameSiteStrictMode
SessionConfig.SameSite = http.SameSiteLaxMode
json := jsoniter.ConfigCompatibleWithStandardLibrary
shadowConfig, err := json.Marshal(SessionConfig)
if err != nil {
log.Fatal("Can't shadow session config: %v", err)
SessionConfig.ProviderConfig = string(shadowConfig)
SessionConfig.Provider = "VirtualSession"
log.Info("Session Service Enabled")