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// Copyright 2019 Gitea. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package task
import (
migration "code.gitea.io/gitea/modules/migrations/base"
func handleCreateError(owner *models.User, err error) error {
switch {
case models.IsErrReachLimitOfRepo(err):
return fmt.Errorf("You have already reached your limit of %d repositories", owner.MaxCreationLimit())
case models.IsErrRepoAlreadyExist(err):
return errors.New("The repository name is already used")
case models.IsErrNameReserved(err):
return fmt.Errorf("The repository name '%s' is reserved", err.(models.ErrNameReserved).Name)
case models.IsErrNamePatternNotAllowed(err):
return fmt.Errorf("The pattern '%s' is not allowed in a repository name", err.(models.ErrNamePatternNotAllowed).Pattern)
return err
func runMigrateTask(t *models.Task) (err error) {
defer func() {
if e := recover(); e != nil {
err = fmt.Errorf("PANIC whilst trying to do migrate task: %v", e)
log.Critical("PANIC during runMigrateTask[%d] by DoerID[%d] to RepoID[%d] for OwnerID[%d]: %v\nStacktrace: %v", t.ID, t.DoerID, t.RepoID, t.OwnerID, e, log.Stack(2))
if err == nil {
err = models.FinishMigrateTask(t)
if err == nil {
notification.NotifyMigrateRepository(t.Doer, t.Owner, t.Repo)
log.Error("FinishMigrateTask[%d] by DoerID[%d] to RepoID[%d] for OwnerID[%d] failed: %v", t.ID, t.DoerID, t.RepoID, t.OwnerID, err)
t.EndTime = timeutil.TimeStampNow()
t.Status = structs.TaskStatusFailed
t.Errors = err.Error()
t.RepoID = 0
if err := t.UpdateCols("status", "errors", "repo_id", "end_time"); err != nil {
log.Error("Task UpdateCols failed: %v", err)
if t.Repo != nil {
if errDelete := models.DeleteRepository(t.Doer, t.OwnerID, t.Repo.ID); errDelete != nil {
log.Error("DeleteRepository: %v", errDelete)
if err = t.LoadRepo(); err != nil {
// if repository is ready, then just finsih the task
if t.Repo.Status == models.RepositoryReady {
return nil
if err = t.LoadDoer(); err != nil {
if err = t.LoadOwner(); err != nil {
var opts *migration.MigrateOptions
opts, err = t.MigrateConfig()
if err != nil {
opts.MigrateToRepoID = t.RepoID
var repo *models.Repository
ctx, cancel := context.WithCancel(graceful.GetManager().ShutdownContext())
defer cancel()
pm := process.GetManager()
pid := pm.Add(fmt.Sprintf("MigrateTask: %s/%s", t.Owner.Name, opts.RepoName), cancel)
defer pm.Remove(pid)
t.StartTime = timeutil.TimeStampNow()
t.Status = structs.TaskStatusRunning
if err = t.UpdateCols("start_time", "status"); err != nil {
repo, err = migrations.MigrateRepository(ctx, t.Doer, t.Owner.Name, *opts)
if err == nil {
log.Trace("Repository migrated [%d]: %s/%s", repo.ID, t.Owner.Name, repo.Name)
if models.IsErrRepoAlreadyExist(err) {
err = errors.New("The repository name is already used")
// remoteAddr may contain credentials, so we sanitize it
err = util.URLSanitizedError(err, opts.CloneAddr)
if strings.Contains(err.Error(), "Authentication failed") ||
strings.Contains(err.Error(), "could not read Username") {
return fmt.Errorf("Authentication failed: %v", err.Error())
} else if strings.Contains(err.Error(), "fatal:") {
return fmt.Errorf("Migration failed: %v", err.Error())
// do not be tempted to coalesce this line with the return
err = handleCreateError(t.Owner, err)