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Lunny Xiao 1e8a616426
show lfs config on admin panel (#7220)
5 years ago
admin show lfs config on admin panel (#7220) 5 years ago
base Allow Recaptcha service url to be configured (#6820) 5 years ago
custom Templates for extra links in top navbar and repo tool tabs. (#3308) 6 years ago
explore Repository avatar fallback configuration (#7087) 5 years ago
mail UX + Security current user password reset (#5042) 5 years ago
org fix new team 500 (#6749) 5 years ago
pwa Service worker js is a missing comma (#6788) 5 years ago
repo UI: Fix overflow issues in repo (#7190) 5 years ago
status Minor UI tweaks (#5980) 5 years ago
swagger Add missing description of label on API (#7159) 5 years ago
user Add golangci (#6418) 5 years ago
home.tmpl "It's all in GitHub" isn't true anymore, update the home template (#7059) 5 years ago
install.tmpl Add support of utf8mb4 for mysql (#6992) 5 years ago