A fork of Gitea (see branch `mj`) adding Majority Judgment Polls 𐄷 over Issues and Merge Requests. https://git.mieuxvoter.fr
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Matti R 2f71571305
target go1.12
3 years ago
.github Display Github support button (#7343) 3 years ago
assets Add task to generate images from SVG and change to new logo (#2194) 5 years ago
cmd Attempt to fix hook problem (#7856) 3 years ago
contrib Monitor all git commands; move blame to git package and replace git as a variable (#6864) 3 years ago
custom/conf Repository avatar fallback configuration (#7087) 3 years ago
docker drone/docker: prepare multi-arch release + provide arm64 image (#7571) (#7884) 3 years ago
docs Make captcha and password optional for external accounts (#6606) 3 years ago
integrations Fix pull creation with empty changes (#7920) (#7926) 3 years ago
models Abort syncrhonization from LDAP source if there is some error. (#7965) 3 years ago
modules Fix Go 1.13 private repository go get issue (#8100) 3 years ago
options Fixes #7474 - Handles all redirects for Web UI File CRUD (#7478) (#7507) 3 years ago
public Bugfix/deformed emoji in commit message (backport 1.9) (#8071) 3 years ago
routers target go1.12 3 years ago
scripts Update gitignore list (#5258) 4 years ago
snap Use vfsgen instead of go-bindata (#7080) 3 years ago
templates Evaluate emojis in commit messages in list view (#7906) (#8044) 3 years ago
vendor upgrade macaron/captcha to fix random error problem (#7407) (#7683) 3 years ago
.changelog.yml Add changelog config file for generate changelog (#2461) 5 years ago
.drone.yml target go1.12 3 years ago
.editorconfig Add autoprefixer to css build (#6029) 3 years ago
.eslintrc add make targets for js and css, add js linter (#6952) 3 years ago
.gitattributes ignore static files statstics for linguist 6 years ago
.gitignore add 'npm' and 'npm-update' make targets and lockfile (#7246) 3 years ago
.golangci.yml Add golangci (#6418) 3 years ago
.lgtm refactor: ignore LGTM from author of pull request. (#3283) 5 years ago
.npmrc add 'npm' and 'npm-update' make targets and lockfile (#7246) 3 years ago
.revive.toml refactor: replace lint to revive (#5422) 4 years ago
.stylelintrc replace lesshint with stylelint (#7305) 3 years ago
BSDmakefile Add BSDmakefile to prevent errors when `make` is called under FreeBSD (#4446) 4 years ago
CHANGELOG.md Changelog for v1.9.3 (#8117) 3 years ago
CONTRIBUTING.md update contributing to use recent version of drone cli (#7351) 3 years ago
DCO follow the advisor: add DCO and some improvements 6 years ago
Dockerfile Alpine 3.10 (#7256) 3 years ago
LICENSE Fix typo 6 years ago
MAINTAINERS add self to MAINTAINERS (#7245) 3 years ago
Makefile workaround broken drone build (#7362) 3 years ago
README.md Update API link in README (#5241) 4 years ago
README_ZH.md docs(*): fix codecov bad links in README_ZH (#6850) 3 years ago
go.mod upgrade macaron/captcha to fix random error problem (#7407) (#7683) 3 years ago
go.sum upgrade macaron/captcha to fix random error problem (#7407) (#7683) 3 years ago
main.go Add golangci (#6418) 3 years ago
package-lock.json update dependencies and various tweaks (#7344) 3 years ago
package.json update dependencies and various tweaks (#7344) 3 years ago



Gitea - Git with a cup of tea

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The goal of this project is to make the easiest, fastest, and most painless way of setting up a self-hosted Git service. Using Go, this can be done with an independent binary distribution across all platforms which Go supports, including Linux, macOS, and Windows on x86, amd64, ARM and PowerPC architectures. Want to try it before doing anything else? Do it with the online demo! This project has been forked from Gogs since 2016.11 but changed a lot.


From the root of the source tree, run:

TAGS="bindata" make generate all

More info: https://docs.gitea.io/en-us/install-from-source/


./gitea web

NOTE: If you're interested in using our APIs, we have experimental support with documentation.


Expected workflow is: Fork -> Patch -> Push -> Pull Request


  2. If you have found a vulnerability in the project, please write privately to security@gitea.io. Thanks!

Further information

For more information and instructions about how to install Gitea, please look at our documentation. If you have questions that are not covered by the documentation, you can get in contact with us on our Discord server, or forum!



Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]


Support this project by becoming a sponsor. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website. [Become a sponsor]


How do you pronounce Gitea?

Gitea is pronounced /ɡɪ’ti:/ as in "gi-tea" with a hard g.

Why is this not hosted on a Gitea instance?

We're working on it.


This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.


Looking for an overview of the interface? Check it out!

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