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// Copyright 2020 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package archiver
import (
var queueMutex sync.Mutex
func TestMain(m *testing.M) {
models.MainTest(m, filepath.Join("..", ".."))
func waitForCount(t *testing.T, num int) {
var numQueued int
// Wait for up to 10 seconds for the queue to be impacted.
timeout := time.Now().Add(10 * time.Second)
for {
numQueued = len(archiveInProgress)
if numQueued == num || time.Now().After(timeout) {
assert.Equal(t, num, len(archiveInProgress))
func releaseOneEntry(t *testing.T, inFlight []*ArchiveRequest) {
var nowQueued, numQueued int
numQueued = len(archiveInProgress)
// Release one, then wait up to 10 seconds for it to complete.
timeout := time.Now().Add(10 * time.Second)
for {
nowQueued = len(archiveInProgress)
if nowQueued != numQueued || time.Now().After(timeout) {
// Make sure we didn't just timeout.
assert.NotEqual(t, numQueued, nowQueued)
// Also make sure that we released only one.
assert.Equal(t, numQueued-1, nowQueued)
func TestArchive_Basic(t *testing.T) {
assert.NoError(t, models.PrepareTestDatabase())
archiveQueueMutex = &queueMutex
archiveQueueStartCond = sync.NewCond(&queueMutex)
archiveQueueReleaseCond = sync.NewCond(&queueMutex)
defer func() {
archiveQueueMutex = nil
archiveQueueStartCond = nil
archiveQueueReleaseCond = nil
ctx := test.MockContext(t, "user27/repo49")
firstCommit, secondCommit := "51f84af23134", "aacbdfe9e1c4"
bogusReq := DeriveRequestFrom(ctx, firstCommit+".zip")
assert.Nil(t, bogusReq)
test.LoadRepo(t, ctx, 49)
bogusReq = DeriveRequestFrom(ctx, firstCommit+".zip")
assert.Nil(t, bogusReq)
test.LoadGitRepo(t, ctx)
defer ctx.Repo.GitRepo.Close()
// Check a series of bogus requests.
// Step 1, valid commit with a bad extension.
bogusReq = DeriveRequestFrom(ctx, firstCommit+".dilbert")
assert.Nil(t, bogusReq)
// Step 2, missing commit.
bogusReq = DeriveRequestFrom(ctx, "")
assert.Nil(t, bogusReq)
// Step 3, doesn't look like branch/tag/commit.
bogusReq = DeriveRequestFrom(ctx, "")
assert.Nil(t, bogusReq)
// Now two valid requests, firstCommit with valid extensions.
zipReq := DeriveRequestFrom(ctx, firstCommit+".zip")
assert.NotNil(t, zipReq)
tgzReq := DeriveRequestFrom(ctx, firstCommit+".tar.gz")
assert.NotNil(t, tgzReq)
secondReq := DeriveRequestFrom(ctx, secondCommit+".zip")
assert.NotNil(t, secondReq)
inFlight := make([]*ArchiveRequest, 3)
inFlight[0] = zipReq
inFlight[1] = tgzReq
inFlight[2] = secondReq
waitForCount(t, 1)
waitForCount(t, 2)
waitForCount(t, 3)
// Make sure sending an unprocessed request through doesn't affect the queue
// count.
// Sleep two seconds to make sure the queue doesn't change.
time.Sleep(2 * time.Second)
assert.Equal(t, 3, len(archiveInProgress))
// Release them all, they'll then stall at the archiveQueueReleaseCond while
// we examine the queue state.
// Iterate through all of the in-flight requests and wait for their
// completion.
for _, req := range inFlight {
for _, req := range inFlight {
assert.True(t, req.IsComplete())
exist, err := util.IsExist(req.GetArchivePath())
assert.NoError(t, err)
assert.True(t, exist)
arbitraryReq := inFlight[0]
// Reopen the channel so we don't double-close, mark it incomplete. We're
// going to run it back through the archiver, and it should get marked
// complete again.
arbitraryReq.cchan = make(chan struct{})
arbitraryReq.archiveComplete = false
assert.True(t, arbitraryReq.IsComplete())
// Queues should not have drained yet, because we haven't released them.
// Do so now.
assert.Equal(t, 3, len(archiveInProgress))
zipReq2 := DeriveRequestFrom(ctx, firstCommit+".zip")
// This zipReq should match what's sitting in the queue, as we haven't
// let it release yet. From the consumer's point of view, this looks like
// a long-running archive task.
assert.Equal(t, zipReq, zipReq2)
// We still have the other three stalled at completion, waiting to remove
// from archiveInProgress. Try to submit this new one before its
// predecessor has cleared out of the queue.
// Make sure the queue hasn't grown any.
assert.Equal(t, 3, len(archiveInProgress))
// Make sure the queue drains properly
releaseOneEntry(t, inFlight)
assert.Equal(t, 2, len(archiveInProgress))
releaseOneEntry(t, inFlight)
assert.Equal(t, 1, len(archiveInProgress))
releaseOneEntry(t, inFlight)
assert.Equal(t, 0, len(archiveInProgress))
// Now we'll submit a request and TimedWaitForCompletion twice, before and
// after we release it. We should trigger both the timeout and non-timeout
// cases.
var completed, timedout bool
timedReq := DeriveRequestFrom(ctx, secondCommit+".tar.gz")
assert.NotNil(t, timedReq)
// Guaranteed to timeout; we haven't signalled the request to start..
completed, timedout = timedReq.TimedWaitForCompletion(ctx, 2*time.Second)
assert.Equal(t, false, completed)
assert.Equal(t, true, timedout)
// Shouldn't timeout, we've now signalled it and it's a small request.
completed, timedout = timedReq.TimedWaitForCompletion(ctx, 15*time.Second)
assert.Equal(t, true, completed)
assert.Equal(t, false, timedout)
zipReq2 = DeriveRequestFrom(ctx, firstCommit+".zip")
// Now, we're guaranteed to have released the original zipReq from the queue.
// Ensure that we don't get handed back the released entry somehow, but they
// should remain functionally equivalent in all fields. The exception here
// is zipReq.cchan, which will be non-nil because it's a completed request.
// It's fine to go ahead and set it to nil now.
zipReq.cchan = nil
assert.Equal(t, zipReq, zipReq2)
assert.False(t, zipReq == zipReq2)
// Same commit, different compression formats should have different names.
// Ideally, the extension would match what we originally requested.
assert.NotEqual(t, zipReq.GetArchiveName(), tgzReq.GetArchiveName())
assert.NotEqual(t, zipReq.GetArchiveName(), secondReq.GetArchiveName())