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{{template "base/head" .}}
<div class="organization new org">
<div class="ui middle very relaxed page grid">
<div class="column">
<form class="ui form" action="{{.Link}}" method="post">
<h3 class="ui top attached header">
{{.i18n.Tr "new_org"}}
<div class="ui attached segment">
{{template "base/alert" .}}
<div class="inline required field {{if .Err_OrgName}}error{{end}}">
<label for="org_name">{{.i18n.Tr "org.org_name_holder"}}</label>
<input id="org_name" name="org_name" value="{{.org_name}}" autofocus required>
<span class="help">{{.i18n.Tr "org.org_name_helper"}}</span>
<div class="inline field">
<button class="ui green button">
{{.i18n.Tr "org.create_org"}}
<a class="ui button" href="{{AppSubUrl}}/">{{.i18n.Tr "cancel"}}</a>
{{template "base/footer" .}}