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"version": "2.8.7",
"base": "node_modules/fomantic-ui",
"paths": {
"source": {
"config": "src/theme.config",
"definitions": "src/definitions/",
"site": "src/site/",
"themes": "src/themes/"
"output": {
"packaged": "../../web_src/fomantic/build/",
"uncompressed": "../../web_src/fomantic/build/components/",
"compressed": "../../web_src/fomantic/build/components/",
"themes": "../../web_src/fomantic/build/themes/"
"clean": "../../web_src/fomantic/build/"
"permission": false,
"autoInstall": false,
"rtl": false,
"admin": false,
"components": [