A fork of Gitea (see branch `mj`) adding Majority Judgment Polls 𐄷 over Issues and Merge Requests. https://git.mieuxvoter.fr
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<div id="rev-container">
<ul id="rev-list">
{{ range $commitI, $commit := .Graph.Commits }}
<li {{if $commit.Rev}}id="commit-{{$commit.Rev}}"{{end}} data-flow="{{$commit.Flow}}">
{{ if $commit.OnlyRelation }}
{{ else }}
<span class="sha" id="{{$commit.ShortRev}}">
{{$class := "ui sha label"}}
{{if $commit.Commit.Signature}}
{{$class = (printf "%s%s" $class " isSigned")}}
{{if $commit.Verification.Verified}}
{{if eq $commit.Verification.TrustStatus "trusted"}}
{{$class = (printf "%s%s" $class " isVerified")}}
{{else if eq $commit.Verification.TrustStatus "untrusted"}}
{{$class = (printf "%s%s" $class " isVerifiedUntrusted")}}
{{$class = (printf "%s%s" $class " isVerifiedUnmatched")}}
{{else if $commit.Verification.Warning}}
{{$class = (printf "%s%s" $class " isWarning")}}
<a href="{{AppSubUrl}}/{{$.Username}}/{{$.Reponame}}/commit/{{$commit.Rev}}" rel="nofollow" class="{{$class}}">
<span class="shortsha">{{ShortSha $commit.Commit.ID.String}}</span>
{{- if $commit.Commit.Signature -}}
<span class="shortsha-pad"></span>{{template "repo/shabox_badge" dict "root" $ "verification" $commit.Verification}}
{{- end -}}
<span class="message df ac mr-2">{{RenderCommitMessage $commit.Subject $.RepoLink $.Repository.ComposeMetas}}</span>
<span class="tags df ac">
{{range $commit.Refs}}
{{$refGroup := .RefGroup}}
{{if eq $refGroup "pull"}}
{{if or (not $.HidePRRefs) (containGeneric $.SelectedBranches .Name)}}
<!-- it's intended to use issues not pulls, if it's a pull you will get redirected -->
<a class="ui labelled icon button basic tiny" href="{{$.RepoLink}}/{{if $.Repository.UnitEnabled $.UnitTypePullRequests}}pulls{{else}}issues{{end}}/{{.ShortName|PathEscape}}">
{{svg "octicon-git-pull-request" 16 "mr-2"}}#{{.ShortName}}
{{else if eq $refGroup "tags"}}
<a class="ui labelled icon button basic tiny" href="{{$.RepoLink}}/src/tag/{{.ShortName|PathEscape}}">
{{svg "octicon-tag" 16 "mr-2"}}{{.ShortName}}
{{else if eq $refGroup "remotes"}}
<a class="ui labelled icon button basic tiny" href="{{$.RepoLink}}/src/commit/{{$commit.Rev}}">
{{svg "octicon-cross-reference" 16 "mr-2"}}{{.ShortName}}
{{else if eq $refGroup "heads"}}
<a class="ui labelled icon button basic tiny" href="{{$.RepoLink}}/src/branch/{{.ShortName|PathEscape}}">
{{svg "octicon-git-branch" 16 "mr-2"}}{{.ShortName}}
<!-- Unknown ref type {{.Name}} -->
<span class="author df ac mr-2">
{{$userName := $commit.Commit.Author.Name}}
{{if $commit.User}}
{{if $commit.User.FullName}}
{{$userName = $commit.User.FullName}}
{{avatar $commit.User}}
<a href="{{$commit.User.HomeLink}}">{{$userName}}</a>
{{avatarByEmail $commit.Commit.Author.Email $userName}}
<span class="time df ac">{{$commit.Date}}</span>
{{ end }}
{{ end }}