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LDFLAGS += -X "$(shell date -u '+%Y-%m-%d %I:%M:%S %Z')"
LDFLAGS += -X "$(shell git rev-parse HEAD)"
DATA_FILES := $(shell find conf | sed 's/ /\\ /g')
LESS_FILES := $(wildcard public/less/gogs.less public/less/_*.less)
GENERATED := modules/bindata/bindata.go public/css/gogs.css
TAGS = ""
RELEASE_ROOT = "release"
RELEASE_GOGS = "release/gogs"
NOW = $(shell date -u '+%Y%m%d%I%M%S')
.PHONY: build pack release bindata clean
.IGNORE: public/css/gogs.css
build: $(GENERATED)
go install -v -ldflags '$(LDFLAGS)' -tags '$(TAGS)'
cp '$(GOPATH)/bin/gogs' .
go tool vet -composites=false -methods=false -structtags=false .
rm -rf $(RELEASE_GOGS)
mkdir -p $(RELEASE_GOGS)
cp -r gogs LICENSE templates public scripts $(RELEASE_GOGS)
rm -rf $(RELEASE_GOGS)/public/config.codekit $(RELEASE_GOGS)/public/less
cd $(RELEASE_ROOT) && zip -r gogs.$(NOW).zip "gogs"
release: build pack
bindata: modules/bindata/bindata.go
modules/bindata/bindata.go: $(DATA_FILES)
go-bindata -o=$@ -ignore="\\.DS_Store||TRANSLATORS" -pkg=bindata conf/...
less: public/css/gogs.css
public/css/gogs.css: $(LESS_FILES)
lessc $< $@
go clean -i ./...
clean-mac: clean
find . -name ".DS_Store" -print0 | xargs -0 rm