A fork of Gitea (see branch `mj`) adding Majority Judgment Polls 𐄷 over Issues and Merge Requests. https://git.mieuxvoter.fr
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John Olheiser 9619ccf0e5 Changelog for 1.10.0 (#8978) 3 years ago
admin Fix new user form for non-local users (#8826) (#8828) 3 years ago
base Fix issue with user.fullname (#8903) 3 years ago
custom Templates for extra links in top navbar and repo tool tabs. (#3308) 5 years ago
explore Repository avatar fallback configuration (#7087) 3 years ago
mail UX + Security current user password reset (#5042) 3 years ago
org Fix errors in create org UI regarding team access permission. (#8506) 3 years ago
pwa jQuery 3 (#7425) 3 years ago
repo Fix edit content button on migrated issue content (#8877) (#8884) 3 years ago
status Minor UI tweaks (#5980) 4 years ago
swagger Api: advanced settings for repository (external wiki, issue tracker etc.) (#7756) 3 years ago
user Use AppSubUrl for more redirections (#8647) (#8651) 3 years ago
home.tmpl Latvian translation for home page (#8468) 3 years ago
install.tmpl Add support of utf8mb4 for mysql (#6992) 3 years ago