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Russell Aunger 9ae7664df7
Fix webhook type conflation. (#4285)
6 years ago
admin LDAP Public SSH Keys synchronization (#1844) 6 years ago
api/v1 Fix milestone appliance and permission checks (#4271) 6 years ago
dev Make time diff translatable (#2057) 7 years ago
org Splitted the user settings code into several files to be more maintainable (#3968) 6 years ago
private improve protected branch to add whitelist support (#2451) 6 years ago
repo Fix webhook type conflation. (#4285) 6 years ago
routes Fix webhook type conflation. (#4285) 6 years ago
user fix missing data on redirects (#3975) 6 years ago
utils Allow adding collaborators with (fullname) (#3103) 6 years ago
home.go fix not respecting landing page setting (#4209) 6 years ago
init.go Store OAuth2 session data in database (#3660) 6 years ago
install.go issue-2768: added new option allow_only_external_registration (#3910) 6 years ago