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Unknwon a6c7716742
minor fix for #1935 and fix #1854
7 years ago
admin #1511 Allow local import only for admin users 8 years ago
base update some libs 8 years ago
explore minor fixes on #1551 8 years ago
mail #1525 Triggere mailer for admin created accounts 8 years ago
ng/base Add go-source directive to repo pages 8 years ago
org update locales 8 years ago
repo minor tabindex fix 7 years ago
status #1545 Cross reference the commit from the issue when it is closed by the commit 8 years ago
user #1854 improves 7 years ago
.VERSION minor fix for #1935 and fix #1854 7 years ago
home.tmpl #1646 and other minor fixes 8 years ago
install.tmpl fix e-mail type 8 years ago