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// Copyright 2017 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package timeutil
import (
// TimeStamp defines a timestamp
type TimeStamp int64
// TimeStampNow returns now int64
func TimeStampNow() TimeStamp {
return TimeStamp(time.Now().Unix())
// Add adds seconds and return sum
func (ts TimeStamp) Add(seconds int64) TimeStamp {
return ts + TimeStamp(seconds)
// AddDuration adds time.Duration and return sum
func (ts TimeStamp) AddDuration(interval time.Duration) TimeStamp {
return ts + TimeStamp(interval/time.Second)
// Year returns the time's year
func (ts TimeStamp) Year() int {
return ts.AsTime().Year()
// AsTime convert timestamp as time.Time in Local locale
func (ts TimeStamp) AsTime() (tm time.Time) {
return ts.AsTimeInLocation(setting.DefaultUILocation)
// AsTimeInLocation convert timestamp as time.Time in Local locale
func (ts TimeStamp) AsTimeInLocation(loc *time.Location) (tm time.Time) {
tm = time.Unix(int64(ts), 0).In(loc)
// AsTimePtr convert timestamp as *time.Time in Local locale
func (ts TimeStamp) AsTimePtr() *time.Time {
return ts.AsTimePtrInLocation(setting.DefaultUILocation)
// AsTimePtrInLocation convert timestamp as *time.Time in customize location
func (ts TimeStamp) AsTimePtrInLocation(loc *time.Location) *time.Time {
tm := time.Unix(int64(ts), 0).In(loc)
return &tm
// Format formats timestamp as given format
func (ts TimeStamp) Format(f string) string {
return ts.FormatInLocation(f, setting.DefaultUILocation)
// FormatInLocation formats timestamp as given format with spiecific location
func (ts TimeStamp) FormatInLocation(f string, loc *time.Location) string {
return ts.AsTimeInLocation(loc).Format(f)
// FormatLong formats as RFC1123Z
func (ts TimeStamp) FormatLong() string {
return ts.Format(time.RFC1123Z)
// FormatShort formats as short
func (ts TimeStamp) FormatShort() string {
return ts.Format("Jan 02, 2006")
// FormatDate formats a date in YYYY-MM-DD server time zone
func (ts TimeStamp) FormatDate() string {
return time.Unix(int64(ts), 0).String()[:10]
// IsZero is zero time
func (ts TimeStamp) IsZero() bool {
return ts.AsTimeInLocation(time.Local).IsZero()