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Andrew Bezold bc05ddc0eb
Redirect on changed user and org name (#11649)
2 years ago
setting Enhance Ghost comment mitigation Settings (#14392) 2 years ago
auth.go [Refactor] Passwort Hash/Set (#14282) 2 years ago
auth_openid.go hCaptcha Support (#12594) 2 years ago
avatar.go Direct avatar rendering (#13649) 2 years ago
home.go Add review requested filter on pull request overview (#13701) 2 years ago
home_test.go Issues overview should not show issues from archived repos (#13220) 2 years ago
main_test.go Unit tests for wiki routers (#3022) 5 years ago
notification.go Fix notifications page links (#12838) 2 years ago
oauth.go Minimal OpenID Connect implementation (#14139) 2 years ago
profile.go Redirect on changed user and org name (#11649) 2 years ago
task.go Store task errors following migrations and display them (#13246) 2 years ago