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John Olheiser e5944a9521
Change admin dashboard to POST (#10465)
4 years ago
admin.go Change admin dashboard to POST (#10465) 4 years ago
admin_test.go Shadow the password on cache and session config on admin panel (#7300) 5 years ago
auths.go Add option to prevent LDAP from deactivating everything on empty search (#9879) 4 years ago
hooks.go Implement Default Webhooks (#4299) 5 years ago
main_test.go Force user to change password (#4489) 6 years ago
notice.go Use gitea forked macaron (#7933) 5 years ago
orgs.go API add/generalize pagination (#9452) 4 years ago
repos.go Add owner_name column for table repository for maintaince reason (#9717) 4 years ago
users.go Various fixes in login sources (#10428) 4 years ago
users_test.go Fix password complexity regex for special characters (on master) (#8525) 5 years ago