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{{template "base/head" .}}
<div class="organization teams">
{{template "org/header" .}}
<div class="ui container">
{{template "base/alert" .}}
<div class="ui grid">
{{template "org/team/sidebar" .}}
<div class="ui ten wide column">
<div class="ui top attached header">
{{.i18n.Tr "org.teams.members"}}
<div class="ui attached table segment members">
{{range .Team.Members}}
<div class="item">
{{if $.IsOrganizationOwner}}
<a class="ui red small button right" href="{{$.OrgLink}}/teams/{{$.Team.LowerName}}/action/remove?uid={{.Id}}">{{$.i18n.Tr "org.members.remove"}}</a>
<a href="{{.HomeLink}}">
<img class="ui avatar image" src="{{.AvatarLink}}">
{{if .IsOrganizationOwner}}
<div class="ui bottom attached segment">
<form class="ui form" id="add-member-form" action="{{$.OrgLink}}/teams/{{$.Team.LowerName}}/action/add" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="uid" value="{{.SignedUser.Id}}">
<div class="inline field ui left">
<div id="search-user-box">
<div class="ui input">
<input class="prompt" name="uname" placeholder="{{.i18n.Tr "repo.settings.search_user_placeholder"}}" autocomplete="off" required>
<div class="ui segment results hide"></div>
<button class="ui green button">{{.i18n.Tr "org.teams.add_team_member"}}</button>
{{template "base/footer" .}}