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// Copyright 2020 The Gitea Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a MIT-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package convert
import (
api ""
// ToUser convert models.User to api.User
// if doer is set, private information is added if the doer has the permission to see it
func ToUser(user, doer *models.User) *api.User {
if user == nil {
return nil
authed := false
signed := false
if doer != nil {
signed = true
authed = doer.ID == user.ID || doer.IsAdmin
return toUser(user, signed, authed)
// ToUserWithAccessMode convert models.User to api.User
// AccessMode is not none show add some more information
func ToUserWithAccessMode(user *models.User, accessMode models.AccessMode) *api.User {
if user == nil {
return nil
return toUser(user, accessMode != models.AccessModeNone, false)
// toUser convert models.User to api.User
// signed shall only be set if requester is logged in. authed shall only be set if user is site admin or user himself
func toUser(user *models.User, signed, authed bool) *api.User {
result := &api.User{
ID: user.ID,
UserName: user.Name,
FullName: markup.Sanitize(user.FullName),
Email: user.GetEmail(),
AvatarURL: user.AvatarLink(),
Created: user.CreatedUnix.AsTime(),
Restricted: user.IsRestricted,
Location: user.Location,
Website: user.Website,
Description: user.Description,
// counter's
Followers: user.NumFollowers,
Following: user.NumFollowing,
StarredRepos: user.NumStars,
// hide primary email if API caller is anonymous or user keep email private
if signed && (!user.KeepEmailPrivate || authed) {
result.Email = user.Email
// only site admin will get these information and possibly user himself
if authed {
result.IsAdmin = user.IsAdmin
result.LastLogin = user.LastLoginUnix.AsTime()
result.Language = user.Language
result.IsActive = user.IsActive
result.ProhibitLogin = user.ProhibitLogin
return result