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fix: {show,link to} proper PR on kanban board ref (#15004)
3 years ago
admin Hide resync all ssh principals when using internal ssh server (#14904) 3 years ago
base Fix dashboard UI bugs and more (#14767) 3 years ago
custom Add footer extra links template (#9576) 4 years ago
explore Add ui.explore settings to control view of explore pages (2) (#14094) 3 years ago
mail fix release mail html template (#14975) 3 years ago
org Fix alignment of People and Teams right arrow on org homepage (#14924) 3 years ago
repo fix: {show,link to} proper PR on kanban board ref (#15004) 3 years ago
shared Fix spacing of issue/pulls list review status icons (#14985) 3 years ago
status Style and template tweaks (#13828) 3 years ago
swagger Prevent incorrect HTML escaping in swagger.json (#14957) 3 years ago
user Fix a couple of issues with a feeds (#14897) 3 years ago
home.tmpl Consolidate Logos and update README header (#14136) 3 years ago
install.tmpl Add Password Algorithm option to install page (#14701) 3 years ago
post-install.tmpl Add class to page content to unify top margin (#13766) 3 years ago