A fork of Gitea (see branch `mj`) adding Majority Judgment Polls 𐄷 over Issues and Merge Requests. https://git.mieuxvoter.fr
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silverwind d6657644a9
Modernize docs/assets/js/search.js (#10621)
2 years ago
comments Refactor pull request review (#8954) 3 years ago
externalaccount Allow externalID to be UUID (#8551) 3 years ago
gitdiff Some refactor on git diff and ignore getting commit information failed on migrating pull request review comments (#9996) 3 years ago
issue Trigger webhooks on issue label-change via API too (#10421) 3 years ago
mailer [BugFix] Avoid mailing explicit unwatched (#10475) 3 years ago
mirror Move newbranch to standalone package (#9627) 3 years ago
pull Fix bug on pull view when required status check no ci result (#10648) 2 years ago
release Modernize docs/assets/js/search.js (#10621) 2 years ago
repository API endpoint for repo transfer (#9947) 3 years ago
wiki Refactor repository check and sync functions (#9854) 3 years ago